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I’m john schwartz:
author of thrillers,
romantic short stories
& reviews of historical



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in short stories & novels,
you’ll meet unforgettable
characters throughout time
and across four continents

About the author


A World War II-kid who still remembers the bombs falling on Holland, John Schwartz wanted to help rebuild the world and followed a career in international trade and economic development in Holland at the Ministry of Economic Affairs; in Switzerland at the GATT/WTO; in the United States at the World Bank as a project manager, and thereafter as a senior international consultant, traveling worldwide.

Having completed his share of contributing to bettering society, he turned to writing, which he always wanted.

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“Everyone knows of Audrey Hepburn, but few of us knew her. John gives us a heartwarming glimpse into her life through his obvious love for her.”

– Amazon review of Audrey: A Personal Short Story


A Cherished Memory

Audrey – A Cherished Memory – is John’s flashback how he met the late famous movie star during World War II in Holland in 1943 when she was still a 13-year old girl. He was 7. For a reason unbeknownst to him, she left an indelible mark on his memory, and he always wanted to see her again. It was a dream come true when that happened in Switzerland much later in his life when she had become the beloved star of everyone, Audrey Hepburn. Some rare photographs of pre-fame Audrey are attached. The proceeds of this booklet will benefit the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.

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Some Women

I have known

“Paying homage to his great uncle, an ex–World Bank professional makes his debut with a wistful memoir featuring the series of women he encountered in his youth. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then Joost van der Poorten Schwartz (or Maarten Maartens as he was called in publishing circles) scored the jackpot…”
– Kirkus Review

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