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Audrey – A Cherished Memory

Audrey – A Cherished Memory – is John’s flashback how he met the late famous movie star during World War II in Holland in 1943 when she was still a 13-year old girl.


It was the mountains of beautiful West Virginia and the contrasting devastation of its coal country which spirited Francine’s story. How could such bad economic and adverse environmental management destroy so many happy families and throw them into desperation and suffering?

maarten maartens

A summary of the fourteen novels and several short stories, with excerpts, written by his grand-uncle at the turn of the 19th and 20th century

Enchanting The Swan

Paul, a French-American MBA student and classical pianist, meets Belgian law student Fiona, a cellist and orphaned Baroness, at William & Mary.

“some women” series

A series of semi memoir coming-of-age stories of meeting beautiful, talented women through history

The Boutique Killer

Killing the Elephant Poacher is the first episode in the thrilling life of Yves Bret, aka “The Boutique Killer”

romantic short stories

Romantic adventures through Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.