Some Women I Have Known Series

Some women

I have known

“Paying homage to his great uncle, an ex–World Bank professional makes his debut with a wistful memoir featuring the series of women he encountered in his youth. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then Joost van der Poorten Schwartz (or Maarten Maartens as he was called in publishing circles) scored the jackpot…”

– Kirkus Review

Some Women I Have Known is based on the nine short stories that the author published under the same overarching title on Amazon before, including the story of how the author meets Audrey Hepburn in Holland during World War II when they were children. The stories have been rewritten into one self-standing novel to which is added the story Joy to the World (not previously published) which tells who John van Dorn finally marries. The content of some of the short stories has been slightly modified to mold them into a single storyline.

Each tale can be read in one sitting. So, relax and enjoy with a lush glass of wine, a smooth VSOP brandy or a cup of mellow cappuccino, and smile or drop a tear.

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