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Views From an Alien From Mars

Space travel can be cumbersome. We don’t get flat tires, but an overheated engine is not uncommon. Coming down from Mars, we had to find a temporary safe haven on the Moon to avoid burning up in smoke. The Moon is not a good place for spare parts, at least not yet. This brings me to the latest decision of your Obama Administration: cancel the moon trip.

It was a major disappointment for me. If someone like me needs a landing space on the way down or up to get an overhaul during the trip, the Moon was a logical step. But the O-Administration – as your media call it – overlooked that point all together. Now it seems that they want to use the tax money for more sophisticated weather stations instead, to monitor what’s happening in climategate. Meanwhile, I am stranded up there. Tough luck.

One thing is sure: the Moon is an ideal place to cool off, even for Mars people like me. It would also be a good place to send earthy hotheads to. Your president and his expert crisis people would do just fine there. Cooler heads would reign on earth.

 But for now, that’s wishful thinking. As a Mars man, I have been watching earth from my vantage point since last September and got more and more surprised. I never believed that there were people in the USA like the ones you have in your government now. In earlier comments, I already expressed my bewilderment where they came from. I always thought that communists, Marxists and America-haters were a small minority hiding in bushes or smoking stuff in dim-lit smelly discos. But for some reason, they got all out of the woodwork on that memorable Election Day and overcrowded your institutions. Yes, let’s fundamentally change America. What nerve. Every hard-won achievement will go to pot with these people; I can assure you this as a Mars man.

We finally got our engine fixed with tools we had on board. Took some innovative thinking. Tomorrow we are continuing our way back to Mother Earth. I have to look after my interests there. Some Mars kidzz that I share with Mother Earth. Can’t say it was a misalliance, and we did have some fun, but it’s been a life with mixed results. The kidzz are not happy with what’s going on. As it goes, they won’t have any money left when your Uncle Sam knocks on their door. For them, there’s no choice but seeking a tax shelter on Mars.

I told my friends on Earth in the 2008 election that people in government, congress and the white house do not seem to have ever studied economics 101. Why are these people considered so smart? Most of them are liberal arts students, having studied cooking, journalism and some law. Even their economists seem to have missed that basic book. They love to talk about “the good for the American People”. I never fully understand which American People they have in mind. It’s surely not all of them. But utopia sounds so nice. Unfortunately a stone does not zig zag down in its fall. It goes in a linear line. Zig zagging is all what socialists do. They are masters in it. But it’s a sure way to crash if you disregard the economic laws. They are invisible but they do exist. Sadly, they only manifest themselves when it’s too late: bankruptcy is usually the suicidal end. This is where the old USA is heading.

 It’s sad to see that the great USA is being pummeled this way. I hope the tea party people get their act together and throw the bums out. We now know what they are up to as never before.

And I am still vouching for my Moon stopover with a service station. We need people in your government that have some common sense!

See you soon on Capitol Hill.

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