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Black Lives Matter White Lives Don’t ?

Mars Man


You all know I am from Mars and look at Mother Earth from a distance and therefore have an objective point of view.

I speak for my panel when I say that we are pretty disgusted by what we see happening on Mother Earth’s America. Many of you have changed so much into one-sided bias and liberal political correctness that your once a great nation is now ducking the truth, one-sided loud-mouthing, and choosing bad liberal leadership for all the wrong reasons. No wonder that there is a widespread yearning for an a-political revival.

The murder-in-cold-blood of Kathryn Steinle is the latest case in point. You all remember your hype on TV about Ferguson, New York and Baltimore racial bloodshed. In Ferguson and New York grand juries agreed that the black mob accusations were unfounded.


The case of the six Baltimore’s policemen is still ongoing with at the head black representatives of the Baltimore municipality.

They look rather “All American”, no? But both the black mayor and the black state attorney have made aggressive statements against them while everything is still “alleged”. And in the eyes of TV and other media, and the mob crowd, they are guilty already. Interestingly, the  prosecutor’s allegation that the dead black victim carried a “legal knife” (ever heard of such a nonsensical term?) was “untrue” (PC-bias does not allow us to say  “a lie”), as it proved an “illegal” type.

See any difference? Both are mortal. Why would someone innocent walk around with that?  Everything on the forensic evidence is being smothered under the carpet for fear the police might not be proven guilty once more. And all you liberals at the slightest break-in or accident call 911 first thing. You hypocrites.

In Ferguson, the US attorney Holder sent the whole FBI to figure out what happened in the hope they could find evidence to declare the white policeman guilty. The President spoke in favor of the black fellow who attacked the white policeman.

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Rev. Al Sharpton as he arrives to speak at Sharpton's National Action Network conference, Friday, April 11, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The usual “defenders of racial integration,” Al Sharpton (cousin of El Chapo?) and Eric Holder were all making speeches putting oil on the fire to please their black base and anti-cop crowd.

The same thing happened  in New York. There also a grand jury declared the police not guilty. Of course, the mob declares all grand juries wrong and “pro white.” And now, blacks are saying white supremacy is still reigning in America and that they are the victims of a racist society and need reparation from the tax payers.

Well, truth be told, Mars Man has colored relatives on Earth as he is multicultural, but all his goodwill is destroyed by those racial outbursts, loud-mouthing mob rule, destruction of property, indiscriminate looting, and burning of buildings. How long has this never ending mob mentality been going on, since the sixties/seventies? The Al Sharptons, Holders and Obamas don’t make nothing better. You would have expected a much different atmosphere with all those hopey-dopey-changey priests from 2008 onwards, but no. AND WHEN WAS THE LAST WHITE UPRISING? The only thing you hear about them is having a Whine Riot in New York.



Then the Charleston S. Carolina massacre hits and we are back to white killing black. The only thing the President can talk about is gun control. Families in America should have a better grip on their kids, be responsible and alert on growing aberrations! Mind-sick people identified should be kept under better surveillance. But no, the battle flag of the South versus the Union must be taken down. The battle flag was perceived to favor slavery. In history, it was the flag of the Confederate soldiers, defending their grounds against the Union. Not to forget, many white people attended the murdered black church people. You see that rarely the other way around.

OBVIOUSLY YOUR BLACK LIVES MATTER. But your white lives do, too. Your current administration and its racist cohorts (and I speak of Sharpton, Holder and Obama who are their leaders. I am glad to hear some of my black friends say they don’t like Sharpton either!) have made a political issue of race and made everything racist, sinking all the gains so far made. IN CHICAGO, BLACK KILLS BLACK EVERYDAY AND NO SHARPTON OR OBAMA SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. Enough is enough.


And that’s my opinion and I am not a fool.

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Mars Man JS in Petra_crop 3 Mars Man

Kathyn from Mars Kathryn from Omaha TV

Mars Man is back from a long universe mission and the Mars-Earth Weekly Squirms show is back on. The two panels, of Mars City TV and Omaha TV are connected.

Kathryn is opening: Mars Man, tell us what you saw on Mother Earth from Outer Space.

Mars Man: Great to see you back! The picture is bleak. China is building a fishing port in the middle of the  ocean against the warnings of the American Environmental Protection Agency that it would destroy rare fish species and increase sea pollution.

Obama has sent a protest that this is against international law, but the Chinese have replied that the only international law they know is Chinese law because they have more people than the rest of the world combined. Besides, international law is made by the colonial powers and the Chinese only recognize that to the end it serves their own purpose. Lastly, Chinese know better because they are confuciused, and they know how to fish in muddled water.


Fresh fish head coming out of ice

Second, there are some fifty grey Republicans running for President and only one and a half  Democrats, with Hillary e-mailing secret messages from her private basement server and meanwhile just biking along waving at the stupid crowd.

Fifty shades of grey male fashion concept. Collage (mosaic) of fashionable and muscle young man a-la Christian Grey in grey classic coat, suit and naked over grey background. Close up. Studio shot


Thirdly, Europe is in decline – as is America – but Europe is going on a two-months paid vacation. To them it is paradise regained while everything  around them is crumbling down.

motor home parked atop Mount Aigoual in the Cevennes National Park

Fourthly, Arabia is burning and heads are rolling, kids heads are staked on poles, women raped or enslaved, and nobody gives a damn. For Obama it is their problem. The old Shiite versus Sunni. Like your Protestants versus the Catholics burning each other on stakes.  Obama seems to support the Shiites because he is negotiating with them. He led them into Iraq by withdrawing the troops. So the Sunnis felt betrayed and shot back with ISIS. All so predictable, but who cares in your White House or on the Dumb Electorate Street?


Fiftly, Iranian mullahs are building the bomb because Israel has it already, still saying it wants to drive the Jew State into the sea and wipe it off the earth. Not realizing that if they do, Teheran will be gone at the same time and Palestine and Hezbollah will be dead too.

Nuclear explosion

Finally, Putin is back naked on his horse, throwing firebombs at Ukraine and shooting an airliner down. And that makes him popular at home. Good grief! Mother Earth is a mess and nobody cares.

Bully 1

Kathryn:  We have great news here, though. You know Donald Trump, known as The Donald, has put himself up for the US Presidency. He has huge business experience, built a massive empire and lives in his own tower.

trump tower in new york

Obama will say he did not build that, and that he and his government did it. But we know that the Pres has gone insane for some time already because of Michelle’s kitchen. Charles Hammerschmidt, your views.

Charles:  Donald Trump is not a politician, and we in the media only deal with politicians, so I am not going to comment on his running for President because we media people are politicians too. We need a good politician in the White House, but any fool can run for President. We had Perot, we might as well have Trump, only that because Perot took his votes away from Father Bush,  brave Father lost to womanizer Clinton. The Dumb Electorate. We will just make a ton of money out of talking about a rich man trying to get votes from the majority poor that got even poorer under Obama. The Donald will never be elected.

Huda Seksibombah: Sorry but I disagree. He has very sexy hair and even allows nice girls like me pulling at it to see if it is real. And he knows how to employ your people and your President only lays them off.

donald trump-1

Pasha: He would be great with Carly Fiorina, sounds like you will be going to the Opera. Finally a non-politician team. Look forward to that. And she is a feminist but not a femenazi.

carly fiorina-1

What with a good women’s fight on TV? Carly Fiorina pulling Hillary out of the driver’s seat?

One woman is trying to pull another out of the car.

Fred Garfinkel: Four more years of US Liberalism would be the final nail in the American coffin. Eighteen trillion debt and growing at 3 billion a day. The Office of Budget Management says in a few years that will be unrecoverable. Sixty years of Democrat majority have destroyed the USA. All because the Dumb Electorate wants more government money while looking at Sports TV or playing video games and getting Fs in school. China will take over without a shot. All that is Obama’s legacy. He added more debt than everybody else combined. For him, nothing is left but to raise the white flag. Oh, those intelligent voters.


Hands with empty crushed paper reaches out from big heap of crumpled papers

Elmer: Your Trump can pay off two years from his own money alone. As he says, bring American manufacturing back home, keep the illegals from coming in, rebuild military strength your Obama has depleted, reduce the debt by increasing national economic growth, spur energy development instead of stifling it and stop being bullied around. That’s what we on Mars would do. It all sounds like your old President Carter, only a lot worse.

Bob Demmofool:  Do you really think that after all what the left has won these years they will give it away without a fight?

al-sharpton riots bully 4


Elmer: From our vantage point there will soon be nothing left of all what America achieved in 400 years. Beauty pageants in rags, French fries made from marine weed, steaks cut from pressed animal intestines. You won’t drive in cars but in school buses. China will sell you their Boeing planes as you can’t make them anymore. This if your Bob gets his way. All in a beautiful sinkhole of what once was a great nation. Like the Roman Empire.

cenote in mexico. these sinkholes are one of the natural wonders of the world

Bob: Right, that’s exactly what Obama set out to do. Transform America to a third word country. He can be proud of that achievement. Soon we will ask the IMF to lend us money. That’s how it should be. China will fund the IMF with the treasury bonds they got in return for paying US bills. We shall be relieved of being number one or feeling we should be. The dollar will become the Chinese Yen. They already bought the Empire Building and have their Regional Office there. From riches to rags. Beautiful. All equal in misery, happily swallowing fortune cookies.

Paul Turnmeon: I like Chinese girls. Beautiful dark slanted eyes, little feet, sleek fingers, and good cooks. And they look good in rags.

Close-up portrait of young beautiful japanese woman with pink and red flowers, model is an asian beauty

Marlene Femenazi: What about our own good women in rags, Paul?



Henriette Forgetmenot: And what about our women cooks?

curry dish Georgetown 74a

Talma from Mars TV: Does anybody there know what Donal Trump eats?

Charlene Knowitall: Healthy Food rich in flavor and nicely decorated. No left-wing broccoli.

capsulas medicas

Kathryn: Mars, so I hear that both panels prefer Trump, except  Bob Demmofool who likes to continue the decline and Charles Hammerschmidt because he thinks Trump is not an intellectual like him.  I  bet on my Trump card. I hope The Donald will pull it off. You must be smart to do what he did, and as for me I can’t stomach the leftist political correctness and socialist policies anymore that have led to disaster. It may lead to another civil war. Petraeus must take over to stop the hemorrhaging till Trump is elected and send the politicians home for a while. I should not be saying this because I am the anchor, but I have my own opinion too.

Mars Man: Our view here is that all these politicians vouching for the US Presidency are dwarfs compared to Donald Trump. Your environmentalists dislike him because he builds golf courses on arid lands, all leftists don’t like him because they find him a clown, all leftist media (and that is about all of them) spurn him because he would take their sour bread away. We hope he wins. Another four to eight year democrat leftist White House and the USA is finished. Until next time!



The Legacy Craze

Mars Man


Mother Earth’s Weekly Squirms is showing on Mars TV. All Martians are tuned it.

Mars Man: Good morning, dear viewers. Many of you have sent in questions about why politicians on Mother Earth, such as Presidents, feel the need to leave a legacy and do whatever they can to create one. So we take on this subject this morning, as our panel is puzzled about this as well. Elmer, why don’t you start.

Elmer: Pure egotism. Be better than the next one and all former Presidents combined. Bargaining for a monument after death or even earlier.  Striving to be more than a footnote in history at the cost of the citizens.

Mars Man: That’s a sobering definition. Huda, your point of view?

Huda: If I were Obama of the USA, for example, I would have been content with being the first black president having united the races and steering his country through difficult times, and still leaving it better than when he took over. Instead, he made it worse because all his stellar falsehoods have flopped and racial tension has doubled. It’s only Michelle who left a doubtful legacy by removing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the school lunch and replacing it with broccoli, making all kids raving mad.

Pasha: I also hear she now wants to get paid for being first lady because of all the shores she’s got to do, such as going on expensive vacations and flying on Air force One, telling her servants what to pack. Then all stay-home-spouses who do a lot more than she in much harsher circumstances, should be salaried. What about the military spouses? They make real sacrifices.

Talma: Take Putin. He destroyed the legacy of Gorbachev, who enabled democracy in Russia, and took it back to the Czars. He is still working hard on this legacy, and that is no less than murdering opposition, and grabbing more territory which was Russian before and that includes Alaska. He is already sending his bombers to look for a vacation property there with Sarah Palin’s grizzly bears as house pets.

Pasha: I love Hollande, that French president who makes children out of wedlock in what they call partnership in France. He said that every Frenchman should be equal, and that means brotherhood and liberty, and misery for all. All citizens with any monetary achievements are taxed to nothing to give to those who don’t work, and as a result many went elsewhere to survive, and the economy is in shatters.

Shamus: I agree it’s a lunacy. All these politicians want to shine in their craziness using other peoples money, that’s the tax payers’, and what they end up with is darkness, despair, and as Pasha correctly says, misery for all. I think our Martian army should go down there and put the Mullahs, Putin, Hollande and Obama all in the same room with only one toilet and a community shower, a fridge with American hotdogs, French brie, Middle-Eastern falafels and Russian Vodka, and no exit.

Huda: Yes, and that communist Raoul Castro may clean up at two cents salary a day which is the average paycheck in Cuba. Worse than Guantanamo. And nobody exits until each of them drops their legacy fallacies and signs declarations–and I mean verifiable declarations–that they leave their citizens and those of other nations alone, including Mars.

Mars Man: What about that lady Merkel of Germany? She seems to have a more realistic view on her goals. Shamus?

Shamus. I agree. But Germany has a parliamentary system and that makes the difference. In presidential systems, the President is elected nationally, and in a parliamentary system it is the party which wins the largest number of parliamentary seats that choses the prime minister. Often they have coalition governments constituted of several parties, so they must compromise. There the president has only a ceremonial role, like royalty in monarchies. But Presidents in a presidential system have substantial power and cannot be removed unless impeached.

Elmer: That still has limitations. President Clinton was but the Senate did not have enough votes to implement it. Prime Ministers are removed when parliament casts a vote of no confidence and new elections must be held. They say the parliamentary system is less stable but it also avoids having an unmovable president in power everybody loathes. So Prime Ministers focus on governance, while a president focuses on glory in the aftermath, with all the disastrous results heaping up, as is visible in the US and France on Mother Earth. Both presidents are socialists, by the way.

Pasha: But in the US governors can be recalled, like they tried with that Governor Scott Walker.

Elmer: State Constitutions are different from the Federal one. What is remarkable is that he succeeded twice to thwart his socialist opposition. But that does no make such a Governor, however desirable, elected on the national scale. The rules are different.  In my opinion, the US presidential elections have become far too skewed in favor of the dumb electorate choosing its leader because of the relaxed rules for voter eligibility. Nowadays, even an ass can vote.

Huda: An ass?

Elmer: I mean a donkey. And that is usually a democrat. Not to say that an ass and a donkey are not similar, or even identical.

Talma: Why do American Republicans have an elephant as a mascot?

Elmer: Because they think it makes them feel powerful, but their problem is they leave it often in the room and are too decent to throw the guy out and clean up the mess.  That annoys a lot of people and that’s why they don’t win.

Mars Man: so that means that the democrat presidential candidate Clinton is a donkey?

Pasha: It would be improper to call her an ass. I hear they can’t even call her the B-word, although it seems that her husband Bill always did in the White House when she threw plates, knives or lamps at him. I also heard that all that is on tape somewhere.

Shamus: She says it would be great to have a female president. But why? She is still a socialist, so she would bring in other socialists and continue the Obama administration. More ruin for America. American electorates don’t realize that being a first female or first black president does not necessarily bring in good governance, and socialists surely don’t.

Talma: Are they even sure on Mother Earth that she is a woman? She looks rather manly to me. I always wondered why that Bill cheated on her all the time wherever he went. Even in the White House. Maybe she did not feel like, permanent headache?

Mars Man: Huda, you are our expert on Mother Earth gender matters. Your thoughts?

Huda: I think she is a male. Or at least transgender. Something must have happened on the way. You can hear that the way she laughs. Ever heard her laugh? It’s indeed like an a…donkey, I mean. That’s why Bill could not get his satisfaction anymore. And she lies like Bill, and he is definitely a male because we know that from that blue dress. So yes, my conclusion is that she is a male, a transgender male. That’s why the democrat party is so much for sexual liberties.

Elmer: The American Founding Fathers could not foresee this in their time. This is what is wrong with the American Presidential system. The French system is better: national scrutiny and in case the candidate does not get the absolute majority of the votes, a run-off takes place. The good thing is that when that happens, the electorate may become sensible and vote for the right person a second time. Had the US had that in 2012, Romney might have won as those dumb Republican non-voters would  have gotten scared and gone to the voting boot. What a difference that would have made.

Pasha: what would Clinton like to be her legacies?

Elmer: So far, the old socialist stuff: supporting the middle class (who doesn’t), raising the minimum wage which only prevents youngsters from getting entry-jobs, supporting education including kindergarten (who doesn’t), the usual platitudes on immigration and foreign policy. Absolutely nothing on revamping the social divide Obama has created, or fighting religious persecution, and strengthening America.

Pasha: There is a theory going that candidate Clinton has passed the menopause and that she therefore would not have hot flushes anymore when she lies, and that being deprived of hormonal fluctuations  would make her a better President.

Mars Man: But Huda’s transgender theory makes that possibility moot.  It’s going to be interesting for us to watch. Just hope that for once good reason wins on Mother Earth and that means a thorough regime change in the USA. It would help Mother Earth from further decline.  That’s all the time we have, viewers! See you next time. Bye-bye!












Overheard on St. Maarten’s Beach II

CIMG0266_crop-1 and  Mars Man

Kathyn from Mars and Kathryn of Omaha TV


Still on the beach at St. Maarten, Mars Man sits with his dear Kathryn, Dr. Kisshanger and Lu drinking rum punch and munching on their Dutch oil balls, watching a multi-colored balloon drifting through the blue sky with a foolish overweight American dangling from a rope.

Kathryn: Look who’s coming, Mars! Aaron and Taher of the Israeli parliament! Remember we last met them in June 2010 at that Florida Beach? What are they doing here?

Aaron and Taher almost simultaneously: Hello you guys. What a coincidence! And hello, Dr.  Kisshanger and Lu, what fun to see you all together!

Kathryn: Have an oil ball, fresh from Holland.  No pork.

Mars Man: What brings you here?

Aaron: On our way to Washington D.C. to prepare Netanyahu’s visit to Congress. We thought we could get some ideas here, and low and behold, we stumble onto the most knowledgeable people on earth and beyond.

Kathryn: We were just talking about Washington. As you know, the President is holed up on Hawai after the military take-over. They only let him say prayers.

Taher: Foolish thing to do. Even at prayer he’s out of bounds. As a Muslim and Arab representative in the Israeli parliament, I can imagine that he, whose name is Hussein, does not want to call ISIS Islamic, but that’s what they call themselves. But then to compare them with what Christians did during the crusade 1000 years ago, or even refer to the Spanish Inquisition 6 centuries ago burning infidels on stakes, and then not naming ISIS Islamic, is fastidious to me.

Aaron: It’s topsy-turvy talk. They’d better get rid of his teleprompter.

Dr. Kisshanger: I’m afraid that wouldn’t make much difference.  He must have listened to your TV show the other day, Kathryn. As you said, the Islamic year according to their calendar is 1435 so they are six hundred years behind us. But the President in absentia forgot to explain what you said, that religions seem to pass through the same evolutionary development span. These barbarians believe in their mission as much as those Spanish Inquisitioners did in their time. You see what they did to that brave Jordanian fighter pilot. Reminds you of the Nazis. That’s the issue and the danger.

Kathryn: Right, these people are willing to commit heinous crimes and die for it, like these Saudis on 9/11, but I’m not sure if the Spanish Inquisitors had the same obsession. You must confront it with utmost force right in the butt and not wait until they carry out more dreadful executions and come to the USA with another 9/11. Five centuries ago, Protestants Luther and Calvin stood up against the Catholic Inquisitors, but you don’t have those leaders yet in the Middle East. Only the US can lead, and they don’t. They’re only downplaying the danger to excuse themselves for not acting forcefully. Obama went golfing after an American was beheaded.

Mars Man: King Hussein of Jordan, Obama’s namesake, took brave actions and put the US on the spot. We should support the Jordanians forthwith. The US and whatever allies they have should put immediately twenty thousand troops at the Jordanian border with Syria. You imagine what could happen if they don’t? Jordan’s peaceful people and their beautiful treasures? Lu, you as the colonial master of the US, can’t you get these American guys to act like men?

Lu: We get oil from Iran. They are Shiite. ISIS is Sunni and they are based in Syria, where Assad, who is Shiite, is still holding out in part of the country. Maybe ISIS is in collusion with Iran? If you want to fight ISIS, you’d have to fight in Syria to get their rebels to join you. That would mean removing Shiite Assad first. Obama, his friends, Russia and we don’t like that because we don’t want Shiite Iran to get upset in the ongoing nuclear negotiations. Above all, we don’t want them to cut off their oil from us.

Dr. Kisshanger: We negotiated nuclear détente with the USSR at the time. It worked.

Aaron: The USSR didn’t have a plan to wipe Israel of the map. Iran has. They say it openly, Lu, and you know it. You guys and Obama won’t give a damn if we go to pieces, but we do.

Dr. Kisshanger: History has a tendency to repeat itself, although never on the same path. World War I started with the murder of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary by a terrorist Serb. It took some four years before the USA, with a Democrat President, Wilson, got involved, only when the Germans torpedoed American ships creating national uproar. World War II began with Hitler coming to power and invading Austria, Hungary then Poland. Europe acted far too late, with that British Nevil Chamberlain at the helm. By then Hitler had swallowed Europe’s continent. The unwilling USA, again with a Democrat President, Roosevelt, was forced into it by Pearl Harbour. Before that, Roosevelt had promised US soldiers they wouldn’t fight in European wars again. In my view, again with a Democrat President, the US has not been doing now what it should be doing.

Kathryn: But that same Democrat President and his Hillary went to war in Libya without Congressional approval and under false pretenses as the recent tapes disclosed. Nobody liked Gadhafi but look what we got in return. That’s why Petraeus took over.

Dr. Kisshanger: the grounds for World War III are already laid: Russia, Iran, ISIS, maybe you, dear Lu, against Europe, the USA, and Israel.

Kathryn: Iran and ISIS together?

Lu: Don’t they say ‘me and my brother against my cousins, me, my brother and my cousins against the stranger?’

Taher: People should make a difference between good Arabs and bad. ISIS is bad. Jordan is good, but they have many problems, refugees and ISIS hiding among them. They are very vulnerable. Iran doesn’t mind if Sunnis battle among themselves for political power. But to let a strident ISIS conquer the Islamic world is a life and death threat to the Middle-East, us and the West. What if Saudi Arabia goes? What about Egypt? Nigeria? Both ISIS and Iran must be dealt with now. ISIS with decisive military force, and Iran with the strongest sanctions to keep them on a tight leash, and to keep their proxies Hezbollah and Hamas off our back.

Kathryn: And that’s Netanyahu’s message to Congress?

Aaron and Taher at the same time: Yes, exactly. To kill the beast at infancy and not wait until we are forced into another World War.

Mars Man: Now we understand why the former President does not want to see him. His party doesn’t want to spent money on the military in lieu of his social programs to buy votes. Maybe you should ask that other former President, Carter. He looks a lot better now in comparison, and he seems very happy about that.

Aaron: Carter is a friend of Hamas because he still does not realize that Hamas is not the Palestinians, but a terrorist group. Palestinians tell us all the time how much they fear them.

Kathryn: I wouldn’t even try. The man is peanuts now. I also hear that Democrats want to boycott Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, only because the Republicans invited him. Boycott an ally and above all an allied Head of State? Only for party politics?

Mars Man: There are moments I’m glad I’m not American.  They’re shameful. American democracy is in dire shape. But Alex de Tocqueville predicted that already.

Lu: The world will be a lot better when China controls it all. You can always come to China, Mars.

Mars Man: I keep telling you, Lu, you are too confuciused. You may be glad if you can keep selling your fortune cookies and American Wal Markt goods made in China with a deflated Chinese Yuan or Renminbi if you want.

Kathryn: Have another oil ball, Lu. I’ll get some more. Waiter! Get us another round of rum punch, we really need it here!





Overheard on St. Maarten’s Beach

Johannes at his baptism site_crop and  Mars Man

Kathryn from Omaha TV

Kathyn from Mars


Mars Man and Kathryn are enjoying sunny conversations on the beach at St. Maarten, away from it all, especially the cold.

Mars Man: I believe it’s Superbowl today.

Kathryn: Yeah, the most inflated show of the year.

Mars Man: I hear the former president is going nuts confined to his golf club on Hawai.

Kathryn: From our perspective, he was already going nuts in the White House from what he was saying.

Mars Man: They beheaded another guy, the beasts. They must have stolen those orange suits from the Dutch soccer team.

Kathryn: What we need is a guy like Eisenhower. Go in there with allied forces in a big way and wipe them off the earth.

Mars Man: It seems that Petraeus isn’t doing much about it either. I’d hoped that by now he would’ve pulverized them to pork stew.

Kathryn: They don’t eat pork over there.

Mars Man: What about that tape story that the Pentagon undermined Hillary on that Libya war? What with the White House listening-in device! Remember Obama saying that Muammar Gadaffi had to go? Like poor Hosni Mubarak? And what did we get in return? Four brave Americans dead and more of BHO’s cruel Muslim friends.

Kathryn: He says he will degrade them and ultimately destroy them. What does that mean, degrade? So far they’ve been upgrading each day. Ultimately means he leaves it on the plate of the next president. Who said Michelle was a good cook?

Mars Man: America is in deep dodo with this man. The chickens will come home to roost, like his master the reverend Jeremia Wright said when BHO sat in his pew but wasn’t listening.

Kathryn:  We heard the new Congress is acting up. All democrats are wearing long johns. Reid fell so hard over all his lies he was shoveling out of his office that he broke his nose, blinded one eye, and had to get a face  lift.

Mars Man:  I heard it was O’Connell who’d punched him K.O. because he’d been so mean to him for six years.

Kathryn: We got the measles again in the US. Unidentified measles. Came with the illegal border crossers from those third world countries visiting Mickey Mouse in L.A. Ever had the measles?

Mars Man: We don’t have them on Mars.  What do they look like, shrimps?

Kathryn: Like mosquito or ant bites all over your body.

Mar Man: Another good reason to keep you earthlings away from Mars. That last spaceship went to pieces again. If humans want to come to Mars, let them take Amtrak,  but they may get stuck on the way.

Kathryn: See who’s coming. Old Dr. Kisshanger and Lu from Chinatown, both peacefully together on the beach. Hi Dr.Kisshanger, Lu, how are you?

Dr. Kisshanger: Fine, I’m still writing more memoirs. Our days were so much better than yours. May we sit down?

Lu: Great to see you. Even though we’d hoped you’d do better under Chinese colonial rule, it hasn’t got any better in Washington.

Kathryn: You taught them how to lie. For six years we haven’t heard anything but.  What do you expect?

Dr. Kisshanger: He who turns oriental gets disoriented.

Mars Man: Lies in Washington are just the plain truth. If you told the opposite nobody would believe you.

Kathryn: Well, Dr. Kisshanger, what do you feel about today’s world?

Dr. Kisshanger: No see, no hear, no speak.

Mars Man: But that’s Chinese!

Lu: No sir! This is plain Shakespearian English. Besides, in China we no think either, just do.

Kathryn: What would you do, Lu, if they are going to behead a Chinese?

Lu: We’ll send them Chinese fruitcake with bomb mix. If not good enough, we drop them a million mad Chinese women. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

Kathryn: What about all this religious doublespeak, Dr. Kisshanger?

Dr. Kisshanger: He or she, who is without sin, throw the first stone. That’s why Obama doesn’t want to make war. Jeremiah told him so.

Mars Man: Do you believe that, Lu?

Lu: Dr. Kisshanger is without sin, as he came to China first.  We Chinese don’t know what sin means. We’re Confuciused. Shall we have a glass of rum punch?

Lu calls a waiter, who brings them four glasses of pink fluid on the ruble, with a slice of lemon, a straw, and loaded with rum.

Lu: Cheers! Let’s drink on peace the Chinese way.

Mars Man, sipping: What’s that, Lu?

Lu: In five years, China will be omni powerful, and everybody on Earth will speak, read and write Mandarin, starting at Kindergarten, and be happy. That will shut up the Islamic Radical Extremists, as we rightly call them. Next step will be Mars.

Mars Man: Don’t count on it, Lu. Your hieroglyphs aren’t working in space. You’ll be even more Confuciused and get stuck on the moon.

Kathryn: Okay, guys! I’ll get us some Dutch oil balls. I hear they are good over here.

Lu: Oil balls? Here? Can’t be. China has imported all the oil there is.

Kathryn: It’s balls of dough fried in cooking oil, Lu. Like your good fortune cookies, but without your pin strips of Chinese Confuciun.

Lu: I’ll come with you and then confiscate the oil.

Kathryn: You can’t because you’ll create war with the French part of the island. They bathe in cooking oil. See you later.









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