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Mars Man TV: Babylon’s Ivory Towers

Mars Man

Mother Earth’s Weekly Squirms show is on. Mars City TV is connected with Omaha TV.

Mars Man chimes in: “Kathryn, our panel can’t follow Earth’s logic on many things and it’s getting worse.”

Kathryn: “Dear Mars, trust me, we can’t follow it too well either. Most people speak English on Mother Earth but it’s often hard to understand what they say. We have several serious issues here: First, Government people talk too much and do too little, and when they do something it goes bust. Second, everybody talks to themselves into those cell phones. Ten years ago, a person talking to himself on the street would be taken to an asylum for mental disorder, but nowadays all these  talkers walk free and nobody cares if they are mad and many are. Third, people only talk or listen to whom they like and don’t even try to understand what someone they don’t like has to say. That’s why we are in this total mess.”

Mars Man: “Isn’t that the essence of Earth’s biblical story on the tower of Babylon?”

Fred Garfinkel of Omaha TV: “I can explain that. The Babylonians spoke one language but to their detriment they used it to promote the single ideology of their master which was different from their Creator, whose mathematical genius had taught them that one plus one is two and not three. To reach the summit of their tower, the Babylonian master obliged them to disregard the math, and to buy the bricks with tons of gold coins borrowed from the Creator and with printed stimulus money, and then they went broke. So they couldn’t finish the tower and had to return to Earth. During their hasty descent, they tumbled through their debt ceiling and couldn’t pay the Creator back. As punishment He left them speechless. Poverty stricken, they had to learn how to talk again and every single group did that their own way, and that caused today’s Babylonian cackle.”

Elmer of Mars TV: “If Kathryn says that most people speak English now, how is it then that they don’t understand each other?”

Bob Foolsman of Omaha TV: “I can explain that much better than Fred’s Babylonian cackle. Democrats worldwide are the only ones who speak English properly. Conservatives, including foreigners, have that horrible Bostonian or British accent, and that’s where the problem lies. Nobody wants to talk to someone with a horrible accent, let alone listen to him. Fortunately, Democrat speak is the right speak. It’s pretty similar all over Mother Earth.”

Tamir of Mars TV: “But if you all talk in silos, how would you get anything done?”

Tony Blanket of Omaha TV: “I can explain that much better than Bob’s democrat cackle. The left don’t want to talk to anyone else to get it right because they think they know it all and that the rest is a bunch of mumbo-jumbos. We got into this mess because they deliberately misled the American people who gave the hopey-change bunch the majority in 2008. They are the only ones who are allowed to call the other kind nincompoops, idiots, terrorists, blackmailers, or racists, but that’s exactly what they are themselves. But Oh dare not call them that. Especially their media, who come after you like wasps if you ever use their venom terms against themselves. Now everyone is crying wolf. You get what you pay for.”

Shamus from Mars TV: “We’ve heard of sound economic advice to restructure Earth’s finances, but the left side apparently ignores it. Why? Would it not also be in their interest if things got better?”

Charles Hammerschmidt of Omaha TV: “It may surprise you, but the answer is “no”.  Good politics ignores good economics. The worse it gets, the better it is for them because the more control they can get. They demagogue the sound economic proposals as favoring the rich, spoonfeeding the corporate jet owners, and pushing old people down the cliff, all the usual class war stuff. That scares the average voters, who don’t know better and continue to see these socialist leaders as their saviors. Blinded, they will vote for them again till we all go down the cliff.”

Bob Foolsman: “Let me correct this outrageous Republican claptrap for our Mars audience. It’s the extreme right that wants to possess all the goodies and blocks progress for the small people and the middle class. The current administration’s policy is the way to go, you have to distribute the wealth that belongs to us all, not to a few. President Obama said it. That’s our current plight and we will succeed.”

Shamus: “But this conflicts with universal economic theory, it does not work that way, not on Mars either. If you take away the incentive for someone to risk his money and invest, no sensible person will and unemployment figures will be coming out of your ears.”

Fred: “They don’t care about economic theory. They pretend they do, but they don’t. A failing economy works in their favor, more regulations, more taxes, more union worker support, more spending to spread the wealth, more debt to enforce more taxes. It all leads to bigger government and dependence of the populace. The populace don’t want their benefits cut. Only others must take the cut. A vicious circle, but that’s how they win votes.”

Bob: “Obama won the largest vote ever because he offered a better future. Thanks to the previous disastrous economic policy of the conservatives, the whole card house came tumbling down. As Obama and his advisors said, you cannot overcome that in a couple of years. The American people and other nations in financial trouble have confidence that Obama’s great vision will ultimately prove right.”

Fred: “Who caused the housing bubble, Freddy Mac and Fanny May, those democrat prostitutes of sharing the wealth that were at the origin of today’s economic and financial collapse? You had the majority in Congress as of 2006, remember?”

Bob: “And who made that into a gigantic worldwide collapse by selling these subprime rate mortgage packages? Lehman Brothers, remember? Not exactly a socialist invention.”

Fred: “And who bailed out the failing banks and carmakers with taxpayer money that killed off the private sector and chased the jobs away? Was Obama, remember?”

Bob: “And who got us in two expensive wars without paying for it, was Bush, remember?”

Fred: “You know that the failed stimulus package cost more than the two wars combined? And Obama said the Afghan war was the right war, remember? And now he wants out just before the 2012 elections to satisfy his liberal base, even though all generals disagree. How convenient.”

Bob: “At least it will save billions of dollars now wasted on a corrupt regime installed by the Bush Administration. Believe me, the socialist doctrine is the right one, the capitalist doctrine leads to poverty and civil strife.”

Pasha from Mars TV: “Who is behind all this progressive thinking on Mother Earth? We see decline worldwide, except in China and that is a socialist communist country. Why is Chinese communism working better than the market economy?”

Tony: “Good question. China has adopted capitalist policies while keeping a suppressive regime in place to make sure that democratic upsurges are squashed the moment they appear. Looking at what’s happening in democratic regimes, they think that’s a wise decision. So far they have done extremely well, but it remains a communist police state with strong military control and no human rights. In the USA, our current government leaders would love to be in that same position and are striving towards that goal. What they can’t get through Congress, they do by presidential executive orders, over-regulating the economy and killing jobs in the process. Our hope is that they fail to renew their lease in 2012. And ultimately, China will pay the price as well.”

Charles: “To answer your question on who’s behind it, that’s a scary development realized by few and that is concealed by the corrupt Media. We have very wealthy and brilliant subversive forces among our people, and they are well-known and proud of it. George Soros, who cornered the British pound, is reportedly busy to profit from the American decline with his hedge fund and controls much of the left Media behind the scenes to achieve it. His people are called the “Shadow Government”. Books are written about them. Even the Chinese military call them “financial terrorists” because they destroy economies to profit from it financially. Malaysia accused George Soros of the same thing. The average man in the street does not know these things because the Media are in their hands and cover it up. That’s how they can fool them into believing they have the interests of the people at heart. That’s why they want to destroy news organizations like Fox that keep showing the other side of the coin.”

Huda from Mars TV: “Can a woman win the presidency in these circumstances?”

Kathryn: “Women on Mother Earth have made tremendous progress and many have top jobs. In several countries they lead Governments. But the American presidency is still considered a male business. So far, no presidential ticket with a female vice presidency has made it.”

Tony: “We have one woman, Michele Bachman, who makes a strong case, but like Sarah Palin, she is rather categorical and that doesn’t win general elections. Hillary Clinton lost because she ran a controversial campaign, but both she and Obama are of the same cloth, so it does not make any difference. Many of her crowd are in high government positions doing what she wants too: total government control. Bachman would be a good counterweight, but becoming president will be an uphill fight.”

Mars Man: “Kathryn, your team may enlighten us on the issue of raising the debt limit of the USA. It seems that whole Mother Earth is watching the discussions in Congress with anxiety.”

Kathryn: “If I have debts and cannot pay, my credit card is blocked and I have to pay higher interest rates. If I can’t pay my mortgage, they come to foreclose my house and throw me out. Somehow, governments think they can indebt themselves unpunished. If a CEO of a company did so, he would be fired. How come a President is not? Fred, Bob, can you elaborate on that?”

Fred: “Because firing a socialist President with a socialist majority in the Senate is politically impossible. Politicians don’t reason like shareholders who want to protect their money, they always use other people’s money. Voters vote their pocket book, they say, but are misled by that hopey-change garbage. The next elections will prove if the majority still believes in that.”

Tony: “Everybody knows the USA has a spending problem and that if we don’t get it under control now we are going Greek. But to say that the USA would default if they don’t raise the debt ceiling is nonsense. Tax revenues are coming in everyday by the millions, enough to pay the urgent bills. The default alarm is just an ingenuous democrat ploy to scare people into accepting more taxes.”

Bob: “There you go again, as your famous dunge Reagan used to say. Your side blocks any tax increase to pay for the draconian cuts in social safety nets you are demanding,  pointing a gun at our heads, and to pass the goodies to the wealthiest as usual, leaving the poor going for the crumbs. Obama is right to call you terrorists.”

Charles: “On Reagan being a dunge, the recent unveiling of his statue in London attracted thousands. Many who had to be turned away came back later to watch it. And where do you get your figures from, Mr. Dogood? The Congressional Budget Office, which you often quote as your oracle, reports that the richest 20 percent of the USA pay 86 percent of all federal income taxes. That’s more than under the Reagan administration, thanks to your socialist policies enforced on us. But under dunge Reagan the economy recovered and under brilliant Obama it tanked and doesn’t show any sign of improving, to the contrary, it’s getting worse. Now, forty percent pay no income taxes at all and even get credits for not paying a dime. US corporate tax is among the highest in the world and makes us uncompetitive. Isn’t that enough? Why do you guys always lie to make your points?”

Bob: “You call me a liar? That’s uncalled for before our Mars audience.”

Charles: “Correction, let’s call you a genuine speaker of untruths.”

Kathryn: “Gentlemen, please! Let’s change the subject. Mars Man, on to you, any more questions on Mother Earth’s Squirms?”

Mars Man: “Despite that everyone speaks English, no party on Mother Earth appears to listen to each other. They seem all locked up in their own ivory towers. Babylonian cackle indeed, which augurs for a dim future. Our time’s up here, but Pasha wants to say she’s glad that NASA’s plans to get to Mars have been shuttled.”

Kathryn: “Remember the sputnik and our great American voyage to the moon? Our next trip to space will cost Americans 50 million a pop on a Russian rocket, that’s the Obama vision. But there’s no money. So, don’t worry over there. Till next time.”

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