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Mars Man, Mars City’s main TV News Anchor, is interviewed on Mars City TV.

“Mars, you are a frequent traveler to the United States. What’s your view on the current status there?”

“America is being ruined by the unruly and stupid left and its vassals at the Democrat Party and the Media, press and TV. Rigid journalism is dead there. They only write for their political agendas. They undermine the nation’s foundations and sabotaged President Trump for four years, for no other purpose than grabbing power over a sinking ship they bored holes in themselves.”

“Why is it sinking?”

“The American adversaries are doing everything to neutralize the country’s world power, wellbeing, economy and self-defenses. President Trump successfully put a halt to that. Still, the stupid left only poured dissent over the country with their Russia Russia hoaxes and frauding national elections while ignoring the Chinese and Russian cyber warfare inflicted on their nation. Like ostriches keeping their heads in the sand. This inward-looking stupidity will cost them and the Americans dearly but they don’t care. As long as they are in power.”

“Their elections were frauded?”

“Yes, they were. The Chinese let the Wuhan virus drift to America to destroy their economy in an election year and offer the opposing party plenty ammunition to falsify the election procedures with mail-in votes, using the people’s health as a proxy. The Chinese poured tons of money into the management of foreign-made computerized election machines that altered votes for President Trump with thousands of admirers to votes for Biden operating from his basement with only an aide and his wife looking on.”

“Could the Republican Party not do anything about it?”

“They tried to show it, even with videos as proof, but did so too late in what they call the battleground states or swing states, where votes may swing from Democrat to Republican or vice versa, as opposed to safe states where one party dominates. Judges in those swing states threw out their cases on procedural grounds, as they did not want to address the merits of the frauds. Even the Supreme Court showed its cowardice in not taking up Trump’s case.”

“What will happen in your view?”

“I’m sure that the new administration will cut the money for Trump’s project to conquer Mars. As a result, the Chinese may advance their efforts to beat the U.S and get here first. We should be prepared. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Americans trying to land here but am utterly fearful of the ruthless and obnoxious Chinese.”

“But what will happen to President Trump?”

“The American left got him finally, after unsuccessfully subverting his successful four-year-long efforts to bring America back from the Obama ruins. Obama wanted to fundamentally change America, that means rocking it off its constitutional foundations. That’s behind the vandalizing of historical statues by the radical left. Obama threw the first seeds for that. The stupid left will do its best to deepen this grievous ideology regardless of whether their house is burning under Chinese and Russian malfeasance.”

“Where will Trump go?”

“He isn’t gone yet. Millions of voters hope for a miracle that keeps him and his regime in power. If that proves a fata morgana, he will return home as President of his Shadow Government, as Biden was fraudulently elected and is illegitimate. Trump may return. Biden will be unable to move America ahead. The Chinese have him in his pocket due to his previous corruption with Chinese officials, and Russia will poke him in his face for the same reason. They have already done so with their latest cyber warfare. Locally, the American female radicals will pull his pants down and the shady Democrat leaders will advance Obama’s moves to fundamentally change America.”

“You have family in America. How are they doing?”

“My family, Kathryn, my wife, and our two children, Pete and Sue, are fine. They fled the Wuhan virus and are staying safely at an undisclosed Caribbean island where the Wuhan virus is banned. Kathryn continues her Omaha TV show via remote, and Pete and Sue follow their classes on-line and are pretty good at it, Sue at the University of Lincoln and Pete at Bucknell University.”

“What will Kathryn and your kids do?”

“Celebrate Christmas in the warm Caribbean sun, take a swim and go sailing, and return to Nebraska when the political climate and the Covid vaccination programs allow it. Nebraska is the only safe state left, but their New Year looks grim if a Biden administration becomes reality. I will visit when I can and keep you posted.”

“Thank you, Mars, for an enlightening interview.”












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