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An army of  Miceans is approaching – The MICE police is waiting for them.

You may remember the blog on MICE AND ICE:  https://www.johnschwartzauthor.com/enchante-mice-ice/


Well,  Miceans Maxie and Maxine came back after having been deported last year. The worlds they lived in were hard and unforgiving, they said. No food and shelter for kids, and lots of neighborhood cats and pray-birds out there to kill or mistreat them.  So they sneaked in illegally, even borrowed kids, those little creatures with those dreaming tear-jerking eyes that make your heart turn mushy when they look at you, especially on TV. They were asking for a space in our home.

ENCHANTÉ consulted an outsider to come to grips with this invasion: Mars Man. You may remember him, that Marsian face which turns ‘human’ when he lands in a Nebraska cornfield close to Omaha to have TV interviews with his earthly wife Kathryn, an adorable and much-loved anchor at Omaha TV. One of his appearances on ENCANTÉ was in 2016 – https://www.johnschwartzauthor.com/mars-mans-tv-economy-stupid-stupid-economy/.

Kathryn of Omaha TV

Mars Man

Mars Man’s Earth Face

Mars – his first name – gladly returned to Earth to report for his weekly  Mars City TV “Mother Earth’s Weekly Squirms” show on the high-profile Miceans approaching the US and the similarity of this event with the continuing efforts of Mother Earth attempting to invade Mars. Kathryn did not waste any time and scheduled him for an interview on the border issue just a few hours after he landed in the Omaha cornfield with Space Scooter One.

Space Scooter One

He had hardly the time to morph into his earthly body and a Balenciaga outfit.

Kathryn had invited Ted and Frank from the Washington, D.C. Bureau to join in the discussion.

Kathryn launches her show, OMAHA’S WORLD TODAY, with a quick re-introduction of Mars Man, Ted, and Frank. She asks Mars to reflect on the oncoming Miceans invasion from a Mars point of view.

“Kathryn, thank you so much for this important question. We have discussed this before in other forums, but clearly, this is of immediate relevance to Mars. Like everybody on Mother Earth, we hold our planet and our sacred homes dearly. We do not tolerate strange invaders. Any time when a rover or other earthly space unit dawns on Mars and lets mice lose to test our living space, our alarm systems go off and we are ready to defend ourselves. We use appropriate baits and traps and those rovers  – you call them rodents here – usually get worn out pretty fast and disappear in a remote ditch somewhere.”

“But what if NASA sends a few thousand rovers to Mars?” asks Frank. “What would you do?”

“It’s insane to even think that’s possible, but we would mobilize a whole army of MICE controllers to chase them back into space. MICE stands for “Mars Invasion Control Entity.”

“We have exactly the same name for it,” Ted exclaims. “Does your president need congressional approval for that?” Ted has no clue of Marsian politics.

“We have a supreme leader, “Mars Man lectures. “He or she emanates from the majority political party. Mars has three parties, the Jupiterians, much like your Libertarians; the Marsial Arts Party, much like your Republicans; and the Venetians, much like your left, socialists, anarchists, and Antifas.  To answer your question, in matters of foreign policy, our supreme leader can decide, as your president. He can deploy the Marsian army to withstand foreign invasions whenever necessary.”

“So your supreme leader would mobilize the army to stop a caravan of mice on earth?” asks Kathryn.

“Exactly.  You call your MICE police and get them out, despite their doe-eyed kids, put up barb or bob wire because those kids grow up fast, multiply fast, ruin your home and turn your people into endangered species before you know it. Like what we would do on Mars: turn them back with all your might.”

“Would your Venetians agree with that?” wonders Ted.

“Most likely not, they love your type of Miceans and want to give them asylum. But that would not deter our supreme leader. His mission is to protect Mars from unwanted invaders. Those who want to come to Mars must apply to the designated authorities.”

“Once we find our home is no longer ours because the Miceans have taken over, they start blaming our government for not taking action,” Kathryn says. “But then it’s too late.”

“You must take action,” Mars Man says. “Even if you are not Republican. Just to save your home from those nasty droppings, loud gnawing, and demolition of wires and cables in your attic.”

Credit: Kris Grice of SENATE Termite  & Pest Control

Also, to save your kids from dangerous diseases, and to keep your sanity and healthy sleep.”

“But to play the devil’s advocate, what about those poor Miceans outside?” asks Kathryn. “Our homes are big enough to make room for them.”

“Sure,” Mars Man says. “And soon they’ll want more space in your house, skid through your bedroom with their many kids in their wake, and ask for house-membership and your money to buy more cheese, peanut butter, marshmallows and other drugs free of traps.”

“Why would your Venetians let them in then?” asks Frank.

“To get more votes, beat the Marsial Arts Party, and do more cheating,” Mars Man explains.

“Gee, that sounds so much like us on Mother Earth,” Ted observes. “It must be an alien habit turned earthly.”

“And next they claim citizenship of your attic,” Mars Man warns. “Kathryn knows, but she does not want to admit it openly. She’s afraid that the Miceans will attack her under the table in a restaurant, saying she is racist.”

“So, in conclusion, we must send the Miceans back to where they came from,” Frank says. “Have you noticed that many Media anchors have mousy faces? I’m afraid the Miceans have already found their niche there and forged a resistance movement.”

“I have just texted my wife we are installing a deep-rooted fence around our yard,” Ted announces. “Our neighbors objected when I explored the idea with them because they found it racist. I told them they could have all the Miceans they wanted, as long as they do not let them loose on us, otherwise we would build our wall even higher.”

“We will do the same,” Frank says. “I have a team to plug all the holes around the house and put bab wire at the edges of our the lawn. No more friendly welcome signs. It will also keep my in-laws at bay.”

“That’s the issue,” finalizes Kathryn. “The Miceans are poisoning our relationships and we must be poisoning back to save our society. Thanks for joining us at OMAHA’s WORLD TODAY, dear viewers. See you next week.”

The show closes and the tweets run amok. Maxi and Maxine were deported once more, with their offspring. But the authorities expect them back, some time, smarter about how to avoid the traps at re-entry.


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