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The China Collaborators in the US draw a remarkable similarity with European Nazi collaborators in the offing of World War II. Actually, ENCHANTÉ fears that the whole China-Western World picture awfully resembles the nefarious pre- World War II years.

Hitler began with terrorizing the German population. Between 1934 when he became “Führer” and 1939, he used “brown shirts” riots destroying property and sent many Germans unwilling to join his Nazi party to prison or killed them outright. He built an enormous war machine, established a German police state under a socialist motto, and began his anti-semitic rants and pursuit of Jews to send them to concentration camps. In 1938, Hitler – born in Austria! –  managed the “Anschluss” of Austria as his first step onto his “Third Reich”. Although a unification of Germany and Austria had been a universal subject since the end of the Habsburg empire in 1918,  when World War I ended, the Austrian enthusiasm for unification diminished substantially with the upswing of the Nazi party. Austrian Nazis having fled to Germany plotted with the German Nazis, and Hitler forced Austria to the Anschluss in 1938 under threat of an invasion.

In many European countries, Nazi sympathizers created their own Nazi parties. In Holland, it became the feared “NSB”, which stood for National Socialist Movement. In Italy, it was Mussolini. In France, Marechal Philippe Pétain governed his Vichy regime while Germany occupied northern and western France. All were guilty of the pursuit of Jews and their transport to German gas camps.

In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, and World War II began.

Compare: What is happening today? China, a “developing nation” when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, has reached military equality with the United States, much through intellectual property theft, but still, “reverse engineering” requires capability, and in a space of twenty years, China is not a developing nation anymore, but the second-largest economy,  and that is quite an achievement, even though it was achieved in an “ends justify the means” policy.

But China’s population lives in a police state. Tibet has been suppressed into Chinese communism, and Muslim Uighurs and other religious minorities are dragged to concentration camps for “re-education”, forced to live in abominable housing, and doing hard labor.  Cyberwarfare and hacking are regular features of Chinese corruption, and it unleashed COVID-19 unprotected onto the rest of the world, to destroy economies and dismantle Western societies. It has abolished the treaty-based “two-country systems” with Hong-Kong, effectively making it a lackey-state of China. It has built military islands in the China Sea threatening the allies of the US: Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan. It has found a willing ally in Iran, which has also built up its military and is actively working to become a nuclear power. China also beefs up North-Korea, which possesses nuclear weapons already. Russia would side with China as well should a war in Asia break out.

What has been happening in the US? For some time – through the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – China has cultivated strong cultural and ideological ties with Americans. American Universities receive funding from China for “collaborative projects” in research. Student exchanges with China were multiple but have led to extensive theft of American technology. Much of American pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China. Socialist movements in the US receive Chinese funding through proxies. Biden went with sun Hunter to China to obtain a $1.5 billion investment from the Bank of China into Hunter’s hedge fund. 2020 Chinese election interference is rapidly increasing with riots destroying American cities. American China collaborators act much like the NSB in Holland. Big Tech companies entertain close ties with China.

Last year, Biden said of the Chinese regime: “They’re not bad folks. … They’re not competition for us.” Bernie Sanders shares much of the CCP’s ideology and has included it in the Democrat Party’s platform.

The US may not have its NSB party yet, but its concept is embedded in the Democrats’ radical left-wing ideology.

Does this US-China reality not resemble Europe before World War II erupted?

So far, the US has only introduced sanctions for China’s usurpation of Hong Kong. The European reaction to the Anschluss was moderate, which encouraged Hitler to pursue his expansionist drive, even though many Austrians opposed the Anschluss. Many of those who did were hauled to a local concentration camp at Mauthausen known for its cruelty.

But what would happen if Xi Ping invades Taiwan as Hitler did with Poland in 1939? President Trump does not want to give details on that question. “Xi Ping knows what I would do if they did.” The US has substantially strengthened its military apparatus, in spite of Democrat objection, having learned the lesson from Hitler’s European adversaries (mostly England), which were wholly unprepared to withstand the German invasion in 1940. But how far can and will the US defend its Asian allies, at least 7,000 miles over the Pacific Ocean, in the face of oncoming deadly missiles and what not?

If the Biden wing wins the 2020 election, the US would become a vassal of China.  With all the CCP seeds planted in the US – as Hitler did in Europe before World War II – that possibility remains the quintessential issue for 2021. No wonder, the CCP  is meddling in the 2020 election, supporting the Biden Team (something Congress should be investigating rather than chewing on the outdated and debunked Russia Russia Russia saga).

As a satire, ENCHANTÉ has run periodical interviews with the Chinese Governor of Province America, whose offices are housed in the Empire State Building in New York. China acquired Province America without a shot through a backroom deal with Bernie Sanders and his associates.


As was the case in Europe, politicians like Bernie Sanders are allowed to stay politically active in a vassal local government, such as Mussert in Holland. He remained head of the NSB, the only authorized political party, and was responsible for many jews being transported to German concentration camps in packed railway cars. He betrayed and killed his Dutch countrymen of the local resistance. Watching the current riots and killings of Americans by Americans in the Democrat-run cities is a scary repetition of history.

The above similarities are frightening and compelling enough to ENCHANTÉ  to devote a column to it because we remember and we cannot forget.

We fear the worst, having once lived through the vagaries of a dangerous and cruel expansionist tyrannic regime. The above comparison is too striking to be comfortable and we are ringing the warning bell.



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