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Mars Man, Mars City’s main TV News Anchor, is interviewed on Mars City TV.

“Mars, you are a frequent traveler to the United States. What’s your view on the current status there?”

“America is being ruined by the unruly and stupid left and its vassals at the Democrat Party and the Media, press and TV. Rigid journalism is dead there. They only write for their political agendas. They undermine the nation’s foundations and sabotaged President Trump for four years, for no other purpose than grabbing power over a sinking ship they bored holes in themselves.”

“Why is it sinking?”

“The American adversaries are doing everything to neutralize the country’s world power, wellbeing, economy and self-defenses. President Trump successfully put a halt to that. Still, the stupid left only poured dissent over the country with their Russia Russia hoaxes and frauding national elections while ignoring the Chinese and Russian cyber warfare inflicted on their nation. Like ostriches keeping their heads in the sand. This inward-looking stupidity will cost them and the Americans dearly but they don’t care. As long as they are in power.”

“Their elections were frauded?”

“Yes, they were. The Chinese let the Wuhan virus drift to America to destroy their economy in an election year and offer the opposing party plenty ammunition to falsify the election procedures with mail-in votes, using the people’s health as a proxy. The Chinese poured tons of money into the management of foreign-made computerized election machines that altered votes for President Trump with thousands of admirers to votes for Biden operating from his basement with only an aide and his wife looking on.”

“Could the Republican Party not do anything about it?”

“They tried to show it, even with videos as proof, but did so too late in what they call the battleground states or swing states, where votes may swing from Democrat to Republican or vice versa, as opposed to safe states where one party dominates. Judges in those swing states threw out their cases on procedural grounds, as they did not want to address the merits of the frauds. Even the Supreme Court showed its cowardice in not taking up Trump’s case.”

“What will happen in your view?”

“I’m sure that the new administration will cut the money for Trump’s project to conquer Mars. As a result, the Chinese may advance their efforts to beat the U.S and get here first. We should be prepared. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Americans trying to land here but am utterly fearful of the ruthless and obnoxious Chinese.”

“But what will happen to President Trump?”

“The American left got him finally, after unsuccessfully subverting his successful four-year-long efforts to bring America back from the Obama ruins. Obama wanted to fundamentally change America, that means rocking it off its constitutional foundations. That’s behind the vandalizing of historical statues by the radical left. Obama threw the first seeds for that. The stupid left will do its best to deepen this grievous ideology regardless of whether their house is burning under Chinese and Russian malfeasance.”

“Where will Trump go?”

“He isn’t gone yet. Millions of voters hope for a miracle that keeps him and his regime in power. If that proves a fata morgana, he will return home as President of his Shadow Government, as Biden was fraudulently elected and is illegitimate. Trump may return. Biden will be unable to move America ahead. The Chinese have him in his pocket due to his previous corruption with Chinese officials, and Russia will poke him in his face for the same reason. They have already done so with their latest cyber warfare. Locally, the American female radicals will pull his pants down and the shady Democrat leaders will advance Obama’s moves to fundamentally change America.”

“You have family in America. How are they doing?”

“My family, Kathryn, my wife, and our two children, Pete and Sue, are fine. They fled the Wuhan virus and are staying safely at an undisclosed Caribbean island where the Wuhan virus is banned. Kathryn continues her Omaha TV show via remote, and Pete and Sue follow their classes on-line and are pretty good at it, Sue at the University of Lincoln and Pete at Bucknell University.”

“What will Kathryn and your kids do?”

“Celebrate Christmas in the warm Caribbean sun, take a swim and go sailing, and return to Nebraska when the political climate and the Covid vaccination programs allow it. Nebraska is the only safe state left, but their New Year looks grim if a Biden administration becomes reality. I will visit when I can and keep you posted.”

“Thank you, Mars, for an enlightening interview.”















China won its battle with the USA without firing a shot by applying the Sun Tzu military strategy.

Just let the Wuhan virus float to the U.S. in an election year with a booming U.S. economy and an anti-China posture. Europe and the rest of the world will be collateral damage.  If you have never heard of Sun Tzu, look him up on Wikipedia.

Using its mantra of  “Never let a good crisis go to waste” – actually, Sir Winston Churchill said it first when fighting World War II, but in a different context –  the democrat party happily decreed mail-in votes in democrat-led states to protect the populace against Covid. It did so while knowing full well that mail-in votes – especially if sent unrequested to people on unclean voter rolls – are subject to potential fraud.

There seems to be plenty of evidence that massive mail-in votes were abused to the detriment of President Trump. Enough evidence to investigate it in detail. This has prevented the states so far from validating the ballot counts. We also hear that Dominion Voting Systems and its software smartmatic can change votes. Dominion is a computer company used by many democrat states and operating from Toronto, Canada. It functions with foreign servers and is reportedly owned by Cuban and Venezuelan interests.

This is why Biden is not yet President-Elect, although the Media and the democrat party call him that.

In an interview on October 25, 2020, with Dan Pfeiffer, host of Pod Save America, the proven corrupt Joe Biden said his campaign “has assembled the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Was this a Freudian slip?

All this raises big questions: was the election rigged? Is it beginning to look like a massive premeditated democrat election fraud? The final democrat push to unseat President Trump after the failed Russia Russia farce, the perfidious, frivolous, and utterly failed Ukraine phonecall impeachment, and the proven Obama spying on the Trump campaign in 2016 to derail his election? Will your Supreme Court be fair?

And why would Americans vote en masse for Biden, who attracted little voter enthusiasm, managed hardly any audience in his “rallies,” and often stumbled?

Or was it a massive anti-Trump vote? For a President whose policies, among others, lowered the unemployment rate to 3.8% before Covid – for the first time since the fifties – increased workers’ participation to some 160 million, achieved the best employment rates ever for Afro-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and women, with wages finally rising after eight bland Obama years? A trend that was recovering surprisingly fast after the lockdown? Are your elections not about “it’s the economy stupid”? So why choose Biden’s camp of socialists, only because you don’t like outsider and non-politician Trump calling a spade a spade the way your everyday people do?

The Trump camp attracted thousands of supporters at each rally. They subscribed to the in-person vote at the box, your old-fashioned American way that existed for more than 200 years. Months before the election, Trump warned about the flaws of mail-in voting. He had a convincing lead at the end of election night, but then the “blue mail-in votes” swept in mysteriously after battleground states stopped ballot counting.

Because of the expected Republican Senate majority, the initial fears of stockmarket investors turned into a rally: hooray for gridlock, whatever the presidency. The fundaments of the American institutions would not be derailed.

Then followed the good news about covid vaccines exiting their final trial stage to become available in December. This is a major success of Trump’s warp speed project, called after Star Trek’s faster than light travel speed.

But if your Republicans lose their Senate majority in the Georgia run-off election on January 5, 2021, Schumer said “everything is on the table”, and that means fundamentally changing America by adopting the platform of the radical left.

It may change your investor optimism and everybody else’s who is banking on sanity.

But China smiles. The tariffs will be abolished, efforts to decouple from China’s economy will be halted, and China’s policy to take over American allies like Taiwan will not be battled. Even Iran’s Ayatollahs smile: the Iran nuclear deal will be resurrected, with John Kerry in the lead. And Macron smiles: the Paris Climate Agreement will be restored and force the American taxpayer to pay for sins only the climate change freaks imagine while leaving China off the hook. 

You Americans are in your second civil war. America may not survive with your radical left’s agenda. Biden is just their puppet and he hides in their pocket.

That’s how we see it on Mars.

Not a pleasant future for you guys – except your “Belt-Way Elite” – if America goes that way.




ENCHANTÉ – BAFFLED! About the U.S. Election Drama

ENCHANTÉ is Baffled! Biden-Harris polls way ahead of Trump-Pence? How is that?

I don’t get it.

Before China dispensed its virus to America, the Trump Administration had, in 3 years, reached the lowest unemployment rate, 3.5%, of Administrations as far back as Dwight Eisenhower. Its policies achieved the largest worker participation rate, wages rising 3% plus – above the inflation rate – and the best employment rates for Afro-Americans, Hispanics, and Women in years. None of that was fake news. And this despite a three-year continuous attack from the Democrat party and its media affiliates about Russian collusion that turned out to be a hoax. This was evidenced by a $30 million Mueller Report that did not add up to anything. Then a false impeachment followed about the President’s legitimate phone call to Ukraine, and now again a Pelosi election impeachment threat.


Would you not be mad when your opponent in a “debate” still accuses you of the same things? Biden and his family have been proven utterly corrupt. The facts are all known and evidenced, but the “Media” wipes it under the carpet: Ukraine, China, Russia. Hillary Clinton has been proven to be the prima donna in the Russia hoax by recently declassified documentation. The CIA and the FBI desperately try to keep the details “redacted.” Obama and Biden and several of their close associates were all involved in the game to stop candidate Trump and then remove him from office. It was Hillary and the Democrat Party that colluded with Russian spies and their FBI collaborators, not Trump!

Why is this not scandal numero uno? If Hillary had won the presidency, none of this would ever have been uncovered. Now it is, and more is still dripping out and the “Media” does not raise a finger. Moreover, it criticizes the Trump Administration for having caused the Covid deaths, while it came from China.


Meanwhile, to make things worse, an irrational policeman causes the wrongful death of a recidivist black man, and the whole of left USA goes haywire with riots, destruction of statues and buildings, looting and burning of businesses, killings, all in the name of “protest”. Marxist organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA anarchists ruin the lives of many.  All in Democrat-run cities and states.

There are four yards in our street with Biden-Harris election signs. Not one for Trump. Why? I know there are a few Trumpers out there, but they are all afraid – and so are we – that their signs will be smashed to smithereens and their cars, if parked outside, will be scratched by vandals or their tires sliced, in the deep dark of the night. Why that hatred? I have not heard or seen any hatred expressed by Republicans. But for Democrats expressing hatred is fine. Congresswoman Maxime Waters encouraged it openly, rallying on the street, “go after them wherever they go.” CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS and the major newspapers, don’t do anything else daily. Republican staffers and senators got attacked in restaurants. Rioters, anarchists, Black Lives Matter people consider it justified to steal, loot, and burn as “reparation” for centuries-past slavery, ignoring the fact that many victims who lost their life savings are minorities like themselves. If  a black person is not like them, that person is “not black enough.” Who wants to live under a government that protects these bozos?

I don’t get it.


People say they don’t like Trump because he does not show “empathy” and smooth-talks like Obama, the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  But what did the Pied Piper achieve in his eight years in the White  House? Not even half as much as the Trump administration did in its first three years. And since the Media is in the tank with the Democrats and the left-wing protesters, nothing was criticized. Fast and Furious, the system that sold attack weapons to Mexican criminals and killed an American border patrol agent was hushed into silence; the Benghazi debacle where Hillary goofed badly, which cost the Ambassador’s life, never got a conviction; the over-regulated economy remained luke-warm as that was Obama’s new normal and nobody complained, except the many who lost their jobs.

The tax people used their tricks to financially harm conservative groups in their activities. Racial hatred tripled under Attorney General Eric Holder, with Obama’s support (Trayvon Martin, the Ferguson and Baltimore shooting cases, and following riots). Hillary remains unpunished for destroying 30,000 emails from her personal server that was subpoenaed. Obama and Biden, and Hillary, and their vassals conspired to spy on the Trump campaign and undermine the otherwise peaceful transition of administrations: this is now evidenced by facts through declassified documents with more still to come. Do voters really want these people to run their country?

I don’t get it.


What type of society do people want to live in? Would the average American voter really prefer Biden-Harris and their rebellious revolutionaries, because of Biden’s “empathy?” Didn’t Biden say he would be a “one-term” President? What would that mean? Wouldn’t voters prefer an Administration that achieved stabilizing economic success in three-years time – before China intentionally destroyed it with its virus? An Administration that took the virus by the horns from the outset, fighting an ultra-contagious invisible enemy with hitherto unknown complexities? While the opposing party was poopooing it with labels of xenophobism, racism when Trump shut off flights from the virus country? An Administration that is rebuilding “back and better” already?

As the opposing party, it must offer a more plausible alternative philosophy that would create a better world than what the incumbent party achieved. “Build Back Better”? (btw, this was copied from a UN slogan!). What “better” are they proposing? “Shovel-ready” projects? Back to higher taxes, back to more environmental regulations, and upsetting the energy policies that made the U.S. energy-independent? A return to blackmail by foreign oil and gas-producing countries and conglomerates, the geopolitical landscape that the previous Administration was forced to hang on to at its detriment? Would the average American voter really want that radical change?


We will see on November 3 if voters do. Will the elections face millions of fake mail-in votes, as happened recently in New York, New Jersey, and Nevada elections, all run by Democrat states? Aggravated by a Democrat House and Senate majority? It would be quite a change if that happened: with a Biden-Harris Administration, the old deep-state corruption will resume full-speed, the centuries-old institutions will be further politicized, and the USA won’t ever be the USA again.

We humans are good at destroying good things.






The China Collaborators in the US draw a remarkable similarity with European Nazi collaborators in the offing of World War II. Actually, ENCHANTÉ fears that the whole China-Western World picture awfully resembles the nefarious pre- World War II years.

Hitler began with terrorizing the German population. Between 1934 when he became “Führer” and 1939, he used “brown shirts” riots destroying property and sent many Germans unwilling to join his Nazi party to prison or killed them outright. He built an enormous war machine, established a German police state under a socialist motto, and began his anti-semitic rants and pursuit of Jews to send them to concentration camps. In 1938, Hitler – born in Austria! –  managed the “Anschluss” of Austria as his first step onto his “Third Reich”. Although a unification of Germany and Austria had been a universal subject since the end of the Habsburg empire in 1918,  when World War I ended, the Austrian enthusiasm for unification diminished substantially with the upswing of the Nazi party. Austrian Nazis having fled to Germany plotted with the German Nazis, and Hitler forced Austria to the Anschluss in 1938 under threat of an invasion.

In many European countries, Nazi sympathizers created their own Nazi parties. In Holland, it became the feared “NSB”, which stood for National Socialist Movement. In Italy, it was Mussolini. In France, Marechal Philippe Pétain governed his Vichy regime while Germany occupied northern and western France. All were guilty of the pursuit of Jews and their transport to German gas camps.

In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, and World War II began.

Compare: What is happening today? China, a “developing nation” when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, has reached military equality with the United States, much through intellectual property theft, but still, “reverse engineering” requires capability, and in a space of twenty years, China is not a developing nation anymore, but the second-largest economy,  and that is quite an achievement, even though it was achieved in an “ends justify the means” policy.

But China’s population lives in a police state. Tibet has been suppressed into Chinese communism, and Muslim Uighurs and other religious minorities are dragged to concentration camps for “re-education”, forced to live in abominable housing, and doing hard labor.  Cyberwarfare and hacking are regular features of Chinese corruption, and it unleashed COVID-19 unprotected onto the rest of the world, to destroy economies and dismantle Western societies. It has abolished the treaty-based “two-country systems” with Hong-Kong, effectively making it a lackey-state of China. It has built military islands in the China Sea threatening the allies of the US: Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan. It has found a willing ally in Iran, which has also built up its military and is actively working to become a nuclear power. China also beefs up North-Korea, which possesses nuclear weapons already. Russia would side with China as well should a war in Asia break out.

What has been happening in the US? For some time – through the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – China has cultivated strong cultural and ideological ties with Americans. American Universities receive funding from China for “collaborative projects” in research. Student exchanges with China were multiple but have led to extensive theft of American technology. Much of American pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China. Socialist movements in the US receive Chinese funding through proxies. Biden went with sun Hunter to China to obtain a $1.5 billion investment from the Bank of China into Hunter’s hedge fund. 2020 Chinese election interference is rapidly increasing with riots destroying American cities. American China collaborators act much like the NSB in Holland. Big Tech companies entertain close ties with China.

Last year, Biden said of the Chinese regime: “They’re not bad folks. … They’re not competition for us.” Bernie Sanders shares much of the CCP’s ideology and has included it in the Democrat Party’s platform.

The US may not have its NSB party yet, but its concept is embedded in the Democrats’ radical left-wing ideology.

Does this US-China reality not resemble Europe before World War II erupted?

So far, the US has only introduced sanctions for China’s usurpation of Hong Kong. The European reaction to the Anschluss was moderate, which encouraged Hitler to pursue his expansionist drive, even though many Austrians opposed the Anschluss. Many of those who did were hauled to a local concentration camp at Mauthausen known for its cruelty.

But what would happen if Xi Ping invades Taiwan as Hitler did with Poland in 1939? President Trump does not want to give details on that question. “Xi Ping knows what I would do if they did.” The US has substantially strengthened its military apparatus, in spite of Democrat objection, having learned the lesson from Hitler’s European adversaries (mostly England), which were wholly unprepared to withstand the German invasion in 1940. But how far can and will the US defend its Asian allies, at least 7,000 miles over the Pacific Ocean, in the face of oncoming deadly missiles and what not?

If the Biden wing wins the 2020 election, the US would become a vassal of China.  With all the CCP seeds planted in the US – as Hitler did in Europe before World War II – that possibility remains the quintessential issue for 2021. No wonder, the CCP  is meddling in the 2020 election, supporting the Biden Team (something Congress should be investigating rather than chewing on the outdated and debunked Russia Russia Russia saga).

As a satire, ENCHANTÉ has run periodical interviews with the Chinese Governor of Province America, whose offices are housed in the Empire State Building in New York. China acquired Province America without a shot through a backroom deal with Bernie Sanders and his associates.


As was the case in Europe, politicians like Bernie Sanders are allowed to stay politically active in a vassal local government, such as Mussert in Holland. He remained head of the NSB, the only authorized political party, and was responsible for many jews being transported to German concentration camps in packed railway cars. He betrayed and killed his Dutch countrymen of the local resistance. Watching the current riots and killings of Americans by Americans in the Democrat-run cities is a scary repetition of history.

The above similarities are frightening and compelling enough to ENCHANTÉ  to devote a column to it because we remember and we cannot forget.

We fear the worst, having once lived through the vagaries of a dangerous and cruel expansionist tyrannic regime. The above comparison is too striking to be comfortable and we are ringing the warning bell.






As an Alien and honorable guest in U.S. residence, the fireworks stunned me more than “The Speech.” Boy, “TRUMP 2020” exploded in a hail of splashing flashlights right behind the Washington Monument. The ubiquitous obelisk shone brightly in the night. What a difference with the Democrat party convention hulled in darkness and fear! One has to admit, foe, or fan, the Republican Convention was a better show.

The many real-life people of the American scene who spoke struck me as well. These everyday people made convincing speeches about how the Trump administration had altered their lives for the good and given them extraordinary support.

I am a conservative economist and have always been. I like my numbers to fit. I must feel safe outside in the evening and not be screamed at violently in public by people who disagree with me. I don’t mind other people’s opinions, but throwing fistfights, spitting on me, annoying me in restaurants, or kicking me out of rage is not my cup of tea. That seems to be the new normal of the Democrat-run states, cities and even suburbs now. And I fear it announces the new normal of the U.S. when the turning point is crossed, if it has not already. How can Washington D.C. allow Republican Senator Paul Rand and his wife to be accosted the way they were when leaving the White House on foot to their hotel after the RNC Convention closed? What type of Democrat mayor do we have here?  Could they not have foreseen this and have the necessary police forces on guard? Who pays those anarchist criminals anyway? Why can’t the Trump Administration put a definite stop to their insane behavior?

I came here as a guest because my employer, The World Bank, has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. I arrived in 1972, a few years after the burning King riots in 1968.  I considered it an aberration. Helas! It was not, as I saw on TV several times after that. It began to shape my first doubts about U.S. society.

When I stopped working seven years ago, in 2013, my wife (from the Caribbean) and I were offered U.S. residency with a green card (on the condition we transferred a handsome fee for the honor), with the option of applying for the American nationality after five years. The scene at the Republican Convention, showing five people receiving citizenship, impressed me. From Syria, Sudan, to India, Ghana, and Lebanon. The last three countries I visited several times. Lebanon remained a mystery to me, so many religious factions living together in almost continuous tension, undermined by neighboring Iran’s nefarious interference, and plagued with corruption and terrorist activity, all depressing the country’s economy. I can imagine why Lebanese or Syrians want to come to the U.S. for security and a better life.

Should I do the same? Our kids and grandkids are American. As a proud Dutchman, I felt that I could only change my citizenship if I fully shared what my new home would embrace.  Holland has changed a lot since I left for Switzerland in 1969, but as a small country, it remains tolerable (except for the weather). And we don’t walk around with guns. But the U.S. has changed substantially from the time it liberated me from the Nazis. After Kennedy, it has adopted more and more liberal ideologies that are not mine. The Reagan years were a notable exception. The Bushes were passable, and I shared the attack on Iraq, but only to the extent that it would stop Sadam from hauling his scuds into Israel. I altogether dissented from the Bush plan to establish democracy in Iraq. On what historical basis did they come to that ill-timed idea?

(See my blog https://www.johnschwartzauthor.com/?s=Iraq+From+Western+Dream)

The unnecessary invasion proved a disaster and only facilitated Iran to take hold in Iraq, precisely what the insufferable Sadam was preventing.

But I found the Clinton crowd unpalatable, and when Obama entered the scene with Saul Alinsky in his wake, I began to feel most uncomfortable. After him, another Clinton presidency would have turned me off for good. I could not abide by their unbridled socialist, statist philosophies (and racist!-remember Trayvon Martin, the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore riots, etc., pandering to Marxist Black Lives Matter), playing money games for power while getting away with murder, and subverting the election process of the opposing political party and its rightfully elected leader.

My wife woke me up with champagne in the early morning hours when Trump was elected. What a relief. From the outset, the iconoclastic Trump made us feel comfortable again. Finally, someone who called a spade a spade, understood money, and adhered to sound economics. Despite all the democrat shenanigans, he produced what he promised, and then some. He is not the regular sweet-talking sweet-smiling political type, which many – including never Trumpers – prefer, because it is so familiar and convenient and keeps the status quo. But he will be reelected, no doubt about that. The leftist democrats (oh, boy, has that party changed!) and their Media lackeys will try to undermine his election again, but the Democrat- tolerated riots and anarchy may prove the Albatros hanging around Biden’s neck.

“The Speech” contained much of what I stand for. It was a bit too long for my taste and less vivid as Trump’s off the cuff rallies, but the essence was right on the money. Given the occasion, he had to read most of the teleprompter, and that often sounds flat.

The fireworks said it all: that’s what election-day will be. Not just for the U.S. but the whole world, looking on in anxiety.

So, some readers asked, if you had a vote, who would you vote for? Our answer is obvious: The Republican ticket. To save America. We would not like to live in “Biden’s America” either.

All the best,





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