ENCHANTÉ – BAFFLED! About the U.S. Election Drama

ENCHANTÉ is Baffled! Biden-Harris polls way ahead of Trump-Pence? How is that?

I don’t get it.

Before China dispensed its virus to America, the Trump Administration had, in 3 years, reached the lowest unemployment rate, 3.5%, of Administrations as far back as Dwight Eisenhower. Its policies achieved the largest worker participation rate, wages rising 3% plus – above the inflation rate – and the best employment rates for Afro-Americans, Hispanics, and Women in years. None of that was fake news. And this despite a three-year continuous attack from the Democrat party and its media affiliates about Russian collusion that turned out to be a hoax. This was evidenced by a $30 million Mueller Report that did not add up to anything. Then a false impeachment followed about the President’s legitimate phone call to Ukraine, and now again a Pelosi election impeachment threat.


Would you not be mad when your opponent in a “debate” still accuses you of the same things? Biden and his family have been proven utterly corrupt. The facts are all known and evidenced, but the “Media” wipes it under the carpet: Ukraine, China, Russia. Hillary Clinton has been proven to be the prima donna in the Russia hoax by recently declassified documentation. The CIA and the FBI desperately try to keep the details “redacted.” Obama and Biden and several of their close associates were all involved in the game to stop candidate Trump and then remove him from office. It was Hillary and the Democrat Party that colluded with Russian spies and their FBI collaborators, not Trump!

Why is this not scandal numero uno? If Hillary had won the presidency, none of this would ever have been uncovered. Now it is, and more is still dripping out and the “Media” does not raise a finger. Moreover, it criticizes the Trump Administration for having caused the Covid deaths, while it came from China.


Meanwhile, to make things worse, an irrational policeman causes the wrongful death of a recidivist black man, and the whole of left USA goes haywire with riots, destruction of statues and buildings, looting and burning of businesses, killings, all in the name of “protest”. Marxist organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA anarchists ruin the lives of many.  All in Democrat-run cities and states.

There are four yards in our street with Biden-Harris election signs. Not one for Trump. Why? I know there are a few Trumpers out there, but they are all afraid – and so are we – that their signs will be smashed to smithereens and their cars, if parked outside, will be scratched by vandals or their tires sliced, in the deep dark of the night. Why that hatred? I have not heard or seen any hatred expressed by Republicans. But for Democrats expressing hatred is fine. Congresswoman Maxime Waters encouraged it openly, rallying on the street, “go after them wherever they go.” CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS and the major newspapers, don’t do anything else daily. Republican staffers and senators got attacked in restaurants. Rioters, anarchists, Black Lives Matter people consider it justified to steal, loot, and burn as “reparation” for centuries-past slavery, ignoring the fact that many victims who lost their life savings are minorities like themselves. If  a black person is not like them, that person is “not black enough.” Who wants to live under a government that protects these bozos?

I don’t get it.


People say they don’t like Trump because he does not show “empathy” and smooth-talks like Obama, the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  But what did the Pied Piper achieve in his eight years in the White  House? Not even half as much as the Trump administration did in its first three years. And since the Media is in the tank with the Democrats and the left-wing protesters, nothing was criticized. Fast and Furious, the system that sold attack weapons to Mexican criminals and killed an American border patrol agent was hushed into silence; the Benghazi debacle where Hillary goofed badly, which cost the Ambassador’s life, never got a conviction; the over-regulated economy remained luke-warm as that was Obama’s new normal and nobody complained, except the many who lost their jobs.

The tax people used their tricks to financially harm conservative groups in their activities. Racial hatred tripled under Attorney General Eric Holder, with Obama’s support (Trayvon Martin, the Ferguson and Baltimore shooting cases, and following riots). Hillary remains unpunished for destroying 30,000 emails from her personal server that was subpoenaed. Obama and Biden, and Hillary, and their vassals conspired to spy on the Trump campaign and undermine the otherwise peaceful transition of administrations: this is now evidenced by facts through declassified documents with more still to come. Do voters really want these people to run their country?

I don’t get it.


What type of society do people want to live in? Would the average American voter really prefer Biden-Harris and their rebellious revolutionaries, because of Biden’s “empathy?” Didn’t Biden say he would be a “one-term” President? What would that mean? Wouldn’t voters prefer an Administration that achieved stabilizing economic success in three-years time – before China intentionally destroyed it with its virus? An Administration that took the virus by the horns from the outset, fighting an ultra-contagious invisible enemy with hitherto unknown complexities? While the opposing party was poopooing it with labels of xenophobism, racism when Trump shut off flights from the virus country? An Administration that is rebuilding “back and better” already?

As the opposing party, it must offer a more plausible alternative philosophy that would create a better world than what the incumbent party achieved. “Build Back Better”? (btw, this was copied from a UN slogan!). What “better” are they proposing? “Shovel-ready” projects? Back to higher taxes, back to more environmental regulations, and upsetting the energy policies that made the U.S. energy-independent? A return to blackmail by foreign oil and gas-producing countries and conglomerates, the geopolitical landscape that the previous Administration was forced to hang on to at its detriment? Would the average American voter really want that radical change?


We will see on November 3 if voters do. Will the elections face millions of fake mail-in votes, as happened recently in New York, New Jersey, and Nevada elections, all run by Democrat states? Aggravated by a Democrat House and Senate majority? It would be quite a change if that happened: with a Biden-Harris Administration, the old deep-state corruption will resume full-speed, the centuries-old institutions will be further politicized, and the USA won’t ever be the USA again.

We humans are good at destroying good things.





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    Steven Miller

    I like the way you think. If I weren’t so lazy I would have already written everything you have said. I really enjoy reading your work. I don’t think that many Americans realize exactly what is at stake. I think people are considering that democracy will be ok if the liberals are put in power; and it will. What is at stake is is capitaism. We will become a socialist state.

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