Here we go: it’s beach time – pictures of past and present. Some pictures at the end get doubled, but I can’t beat the Wordpress system.

My mom and dad at the beach in Holland (before I was born…somewhere in the 1930s). Probably at the Zandvoort beach.

Johnny and his sister Mary in the Dutch Dunes at the North Sea (Zandvoort) summer 1941 after Germany had invaded Holland. Picture taken by their father who had to go hiding soon after.

Many years later, Johnny on honeymoon with lovely Joy at the beach in Bonaire, the Dutch Caribbean (1974)

A few years later again, son David -above – and daughter Samantha -below – at the beach in Bali, Indonesia (1982)

Sam and Dave -above – at the beach in Goya (India) and – below – at the beach in Trivandrum (most southern point of India) in 1983.

David and Sam at the beach in Hawai (1984)

John and Joy at the beach in Guyana (1986)

Samantha at the beach in Curaçao (1994).

That’s as far as our family beach pictures go: not much beach for me, as I always get burned – so I stay away from ‘sun-beaching’ but I love the Côte d’Azur, see below.

Cavalière, my preferred beach at the Côte d’Azur – quiet and away from the crowd.

Théoule-sur-mer, another quiet place for lunch.

The beach at Nice – taken early in the morning and away from the maddening crowd. But I hate walking on the gravel with my bare feet.

Nice, when it’s weekend.

Me, running away from a shark in Portland Maine (2002)



Bathing in the Dead Sea, Jordan (2010). I did so in my underwear early in the morning because I did not have my swim trunk with me. It was completely ‘salted stiff’ when I got out and sneaked back to my hotel room. I had to throw it in the trash. 

Let’s end with the July 4 fireworks.



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  1. 1
    Dr Frank L Douglas

    John, the scene of you drinking a coconut is always amusing.
    Thank you for the exchange today.
    Incidentally, please check my brief bio on internet: Dr Frank L. Douglas, a Guyanese American Physician.
    Enjoy the 4th.

    • 2

      I think I was too ‘old’ when I started making an effort to drink coconut water from a nut found on the beach. I’ll never learn that. I even tried it at Boarda market in Georgetown and messed up my shirt. I checked your bio, very impressive. Joy was surprised to hear from you, a long time past she met you. Joy is still a Guyanese Guyanese living in the USA. And I am still a Dutchman sticking to my native land. The next summer blogs will show some more family pictures in different parts of the world.

    • 4

      Hi Arent, indeed, readers like ‘personal stuff’, more so than ‘politics’…more album pics to come with different themes. Cheers, John

  2. 5
    George Vercessi

    Your family photos are delightful. They capture beautiful moments, which no doubt bring back wonderful memories for you while providing a welcome escape to your fans from today’s topsy-turvy world. Keep posting them.
    Warm wishes to you and your lovely family,

    • 6

      Hi George, I only tapped into your comment today, 7/8. Yes, I thought so too. We also prefer to escape the daily humdrum of this topsy-turvy world. Remembering the good moments uplifts the future and that’s why I like to share them with my friends of ENCHANTÉ.

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