I stole a Prince

I did not wince

Became a queen

like on the screen

Got a title

that was vital

for a girl

on the swirl


But the palace

was a menace

I acted  queen

the press was mean

Being royal

so disloyal


I swayed Harry

please do marry

but that glamour

made me stammer

Is my life

a parlor wife?


Harry love I said aloud

I got you, but I want out

live a life

sans royal strife


Dear Duchess, so Harry said

that is not why I thee wed

We are the Crown

white and brown

unite the monarchy

and do so honorably


My dear Prince the Duchess said

that is not why I thee wed

I want the glamour

and the manor

but not the functions

and boring luncheons


Then, dear Dutchess, Prince Harry spoke

you tell grandma you got woke

The Dutchess did

but got a fit

She lost her title

and went from idol

back to Markle

Must pay rent

for their cottage tent


Grandma Beth now says goodbye

When you feel like, please drop by

Harry Meghan on to where?

A  money future, with Opra flair?

Harry swindled?

Meghan dwindled?

Monarchy kindled?
















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