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You see the war movies this Memorial Day weekend. Youngsters probably don’t even realize it’s a weekend to remember the fallen. For them it’s barbecue day and heading for the first beach festivity. They should know they can because the fallen saved their lives.

WWII German Soldier ready for shooting rifle and mortar

For someone like me who has lived through war and escaped – miraculously – being hit by bombs or gunfire, or being taken away by cruel thugs who “followed orders” to put you away, it is difficult to understand that generations who have not experienced war do not understand what it means. Movies show explosions and people flying through the air in pieces, and we sit in front of the screen, either at home or in a theater, and just continue eating our steak or popcorn, not feeling the excruciating pain that goes with it and that those victims must suffer.

Tank fire in a burning building
Tank fire in a burning building

The US was hit badly at Pearl Harbor, and lost many thousands of brave men and women liberating Europe from Nazi Germany and Asia from Samurai Japan. Some seventy years later, the Twin Towers got hit by Osama bin Laden. On both occasions, thousands of dead. In between and thereafter, there were Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, and the Middle-East where many young soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice, defending freedom and civilization.

Marine Corps War Memorial (also called the Iwo Jima Memorial) Proud saluting male army soldier on grungy american flag background

Honoring Heros

Older man in a wheelchair and his grand daughter looking at the stars of the fallen at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.

People grow quickly complacent. Bursting bombs and flames on TV and in the movies numb your senses of what it really means: horrible pain, extreme suffering, helpless maimed bodies, deep loss for fellow humans who met this fate in defense of our freedom and ability to continue living the easy life.  Did you ever as much burn your finger, to imagine what dying in a ball of flames does to your senses?

I don’t like those thugs in the streets protesting, for what? If they ask them, they don’t even know!

Riots - Cars Burning angry baltimore youth 2

If I had the power, I would round them all up  and make them work hard in an army camp for a while, drill them, make them climb obstacles, discipline them and give them a taste of what freedom really means and what we have to do to keep it. And, of course, some people will scream at me, “You are a bigot, racist!” or whatever. Really? So what then is so good about wild and uncontrolled protestors? Do they need extra protection and baby care under the First Amendment of “free speech?” Don’t they realize they can protest only because they live in Freedom and that violence at it is NOT a right?

I remember that -when I studied in Belgium – police rounded up protesting students, hoisted them into trucks, and let them lose one by one far in the country side to walk back home. Good riddance. But the networks love to show the wild ones throwing stones or even Molotov cocktails at the police – who are protecting them normally from thugs like themselves – because those images are “sensational” – attract viewers – and are good for the ratings and advertising fees. It’s all very topsy-turvy.

rush hour

Complacent USA

On Memorial Day Weekend, as on other memorable days, I hang out the flags, of the US and Holland.

Flags on House-a

In memory of the fallen who made it possible for me to live a good life. I think of the many with maimed bodies, still finding the willpower and strength to get by with what they have, and even do Olympics. Those are the people I respect. Those are the people those street thugs should take as an example. True, anarchist people have always existed and always will, from the old classic days of Romans and Greeks to the French Revolution and the Nazi Brownshirts. The only difference between then and now is, that they can be shown on TV and that the Networks love to show them. They give these thugs the notoriety that they do not deserve at all, in particular when they put a certain political party in a bad light. How convenient for the “objective reporting” media.

What a difference our Freedom Fighters make! In the Army, on the sea and in the air!

United States paratroopers airborne infantrymen in action in the desert

US Navy DDG 51 AEGIS class Destroyer at sea

Acrobatic Air Show on a sunny day.

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    Traveling Ted

    So true that people forget the true meaning of this “holiday.” Thank you for the reminder. People definitely need to be more grateful for those who served our country and kept us or are keeping us safe.

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