May 4 Audrey Hepburn’s Birthday Remembered

audrey-and-her mother when I was born in 1936

Cute Audrey with her mother when she was little

Johnny around 9_crop

Me when I was about her age then, seven years difference

young audrey

Audrey, 13, when she lived in Arnhem about 10 miles away from us and when we met

bevrijding 4

Us on May 5, 1945 when we were so happy that the dreadful war was over and we were still alive.

Lady Audrey

Ballet in Arnhem at the Conservatorium, 16 years old.

Audrey Hepburn 1

Audrey’s portrait in 1950 that stood on my grand piano.

John skiing in Swiss Alps

Me in the French Alps close to Geneva where I worked

Audrey in Tolochenaz Switzerland

Audrey at Tolochenaz near Lausanne where she lived while I worked in Geneva. Public Photo

Audrey in Ethiopia  Audrey in Vietnam

Audrey as devoted UNICEF Ambassadrice, shortly before she passed away. UNESCO Photos


Far away but always close.