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Dear All!

This is the new perspective of ENCHANTÉ. We will write about love and loving things, inspiring books, inspiring authors, inspiring people, period. With ENCHANTING THE SWAN out on the shelves and in the CLOUDS, we will leave the field of satire, annoying politics, and shameful and cruel behavior in the world. After all, I am an alien (“from Mars” not “Venus”), and have no vote. And I am a romantic, not a warrior.

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The story of Paul and Fiona is harrowing enough. This is the weekend that Enchanting is launched. Many of us remember the loves we lost, either because we were stupid, or the loved one was, or we both were, and how hard it was to put humpty-dumpty back together again, if at all, or to find another person we felt excited about. There is something to say in favor of “arranged marriages.” A hard act to balance for the parents and loved ones concerned, but at least the youngster does not face the situation he or she won’t find a person they could like and stays single, still looking out for what is not there.

Well, for Paul and Fiona, breaking up is a hard decision, because it all looked so beautiful, so promising after they found each other in the enticing melodies of love at the College of William & Mary. Making music together seemed heaven and then boom! Her wicked godparents put a spoke in the merry wheel.

For Paul it is like being shoved onto the wild sea in a shaky dingy. Where other women are plenty but dangerous territory. And no sharing of music. For Fiona it is even worse. She engages in an arranged marriage, which proves hell. Only to abide by the wishes of her deceased parents to marry some Belgian nobleman. Here the arranged marriage definitely and miserably failed.

I have not seen many love stories where music plays such a major role. When I search in Publishers Weekly, or similar search engines, nothing comes up when I enter love and music. Enchanting the Swan must be rather unique then.

The story formed in my mind when I looked back on my life in which I failed myself to secure the wealth of music and love. Somehow it was not given to me. I lost out on it while meeting a lovely cellist at boarding school and later in Paris when I had my adventure with the adorable pianist (Some Women I Have Known http://amzn.to/1QIL94B ). Then music faded in my life, and I could never regain it. It slipped away.

Though written in the first person, Enchanting The Swan is not a memoir. It is pure fiction.  First person in this story suited its structure, so it was a deliberate choice of writing style. My next stories will be in the third person, because it allows a deeper development of the principal character and greater freedom in point of view.

The girl to whom it is dedicated, Fioen, is a relic of my young youth when she gave me that little kiss in the vegetable yard of their lovely country house, because she loved me and I loved her. I think we were both six years old. I do remember it was a beautiful feeling and how utterly destroyed I was when I heard ten years later she died in a terrible accident while riding her horse driven wagon, and a car ran into them in front of their house. It threw me off for years. I still remember her. I still see her in my memory, standing close to me. I still feel the kiss. I still love her and miss her somehow, like a dream I can’t forget.

Some of the tragedies that Fiona and Paul experience in their young life will not be strange to many people. Both are real life, and so is the music that saved them.

If you like to read a harrowing but heartwarming love story, you can get it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble by clicking as below, in Kindle, Nook or paperback.

ORDER AT AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1LPFw5o
ORDER AT BARNES & NOBLE: http://bit.ly/1Kw8gys

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So many things happen in ENCHANTING THE SWAN!

Paul and Fiona meet at William & Mary as grad students. Paul plays piano and Fiona plays cello and they start playing beautiful music together: The Swan by Camille St. Saëns…and they fall in love


cover idea

They kiss on the Crim Dell Bridge at William & Mary, known for the best College kisses ever!

Enchanting W&M Crim Bridge 1

Disaster strikes in Brussels, in the restaurant-café “Roi d’Espagne” in the middle of the picture below on the famous Grand Place: Fiona breaks up! Because she is of old nobility and her godparents want a noble Belgian for her…

Guildhouses in the Grand Place in Brussels Belgium

Paul does a summer course at Brussel’s UBL but feels miserable because of his loss of Fiona

BRUSSEL,BELGIUM - 18 MAY, 2015: A formal alley at La Cambre, is a renowned architecture and visual arts school founded by Henry van de Velde in Brussels in 1926.

He is offered an internship at First Swiss Bank in Geneva and takes the TGV

Paris, Gare de Lyon: People with luggage walking to their train.

At  First Swiss Bank, things go horribly wrong: Paul gets blamed by a sneaky rich girl for a huge swindle

Paul’s office in Old Town Geneva


FW V3.10
View of Mont Blanc from the Dole

He must leave beautiful Switzerland and takes a job at First Swiss Bank in New York

New York Skyline at sunset

To his great surprise Fiona has moved here but is divorcing from her noble husband who mistreated her badly. Will Paul and Fiona get back together again and play the Swan?

two swan in love forming
Will the two swans be in love again?



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