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Yes, that’s Kathryn and Me! We like people who call a spade a spade. We like people who are not politically correct. Oh, no! We are not impolite or calling people names, the opposite what liberals do! We just do not want to be hypocrites and we don’t like people who are. Politicians in Europe and the USA have become so overly cautious, afraid as they are of standing on someone’s toes, that they are not standing for anything but platitudes.


Hippo in Riga Zoo,

Hyppocrit no hear no see no speak

That’s why we are flooded by loud-brawling terrorists who have nothing to loose. Them bullies know they can scare us because we have no guts to call them what they are. Them illegals,  we let them come in-after they survive the ordeal of rape, torture, and disease on the way- because they work in agriculture, clean our streets, gardens or homes, babysit and whatever, and when they feel “at home” the bad and uneducated illiterates begin to subvert our nations in gangs and do drugs. But all these brave politicians, whether left or right, are so scared to say anything about that because the so called objective journalists will expose them as racists, maniacs, extremists, whatever they call you, and the politicians bow because they want to be elected. They say because a few are bad not all are bad. Well, those few can be very bad. What about that illegal who killed that beautiful girl in daylight in California today? Five times deported? How can anyone defend these liberal let-it-be policies and “sanctuary cities”? And that is not the first time that happens. Trump had it right. Rubio is the slicker: he wants it both ways–playing it nice to pander to the Latinos to get their votes. That’s exactly the problem with our politicians: pandering to the left.

yawning Striped hyaena

The liberal media

OK with all this, if the politicians did something right after they are elected, but they don’t.  They only make it worse: vide Mr. Obama and his crowd. Even old Jimmy Carter says it. What amazes us most is that they are born Americans (although in the case of Mr. Obama that is still a debated question).  What has happened to this country? In 1996, Judge Bork wrote “Slouching towards Gomorrah.”


Sodom and Gomorrah

Liberalism in the USA began its onslaught on the traditionally held American values from the 1960s. In Europe it was not anything less. Some countries were even ahead of the USA because of their socialist governments and policies.

A screaming woman participates in a demonstration of protest
A screaming woman participates in a demonstration of protest

Since then in the USA the Supreme Court has been rendering increasingly liberal verdicts. Even judges appointed by Republican Presidents fell into the trap of liberal media bashing, and voted liberal. So we got abortion all the way to the dilution of the true meaning of marriage. And all that in less than half a century. Same sex loving and living is a choice, we never had an issue with that, as some people are born with that choice. It is good that at least western society does no longer consider that “sin,” although other societies still do and punish it hard. That’s wrong, but it should not be called “marriage.” Marriage is a sacrilege, a term with a sacred meaning for a man and a woman in procreation, the basis of our human relationship, the basis of the human race on earth, the basis of our Christian religions, whether Catholic or Protestant.

  3. adina

Call it “Union” or “Partnership” with the same legal conditions and protection ; that would have been good enough. We don’t call a woman a man or a man a woman. Why then must same sex living be called “marriage?” But the US Court bowed to the liberal media and groups that want to have “equality” for a tiny minority with a thousands of years concept of a union between a man and a woman.  Same sex does not procreate, and if God forbid they want a child, one of the female partners must bike to the sperm bank, or a male partner to an orphanage.  Marriage is now delinked from procreation and has been diluted to an ordinary partnership. Shame. It is all part of the increasing decline of western civilization, including that of the USA.


And the dumb electorate listens to the liberal media (euphemistically called “mainstream.”)  So, all scared Republican candidates in the USA say Trump is wrong and must shut up. In Holland Geert Wilders must shut up. In France Marie le Pen or in Germany Bernard Lucke must shut up. “We on the left” are the only ones who know best what’s good for you and if you dare to contradict us we’ll massacre you.  And “we liberals” will do whatever we can–character assassination, outright lies, destroying businesses, killing cops, burning cars and buildings etcetera–to prove we are right. In concept this is not much different from what the Islamic radicals say and do. And the liberal media never reports it objectively, always defends it. One or two sane Newspapers or TV-Channels that report it for what it is are “paid by the extreme right” that wants to take over the nations and put everybody in jail. In the liberal US, “Mr. Soros” is right but “the Koch brothers” are wrong.

In Europe, the same dichotomy exists as in the USA. Greece is a prime example of liberalism gone too far. If Greece says “no,” leftist groups in other “members” of the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Spain) may want the same: when chaos reigns take the reins.

Unemployment in the USA is much higher than the “official” number: at least 10 percent, if not higher, versus the official number of 5.6. This official number is calculated over the workers actually looking for work. But many have left the work force. Why? Because they can’t find work in a weak economy. The Obama stimulus policies, Europe’s  high taxes and socialist regulations, have slowed down economic activity and are keeping it from moving up, despite the inventive minds and the hardworking hands of the private sector. Manufacturing has gone to China, at low cost and with their currency manipulation to keep exports cheap.

Can America get out of this rut?  If the  majority voters want it, yes. With non-political  leaders like Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina we might just get it “right.”  Maybe Scott Walker, if he can get national traction. Big if. In Germany, Angela Merkel may pull it off. Regretfully, many voters just want more government money, “suck the rich,” because they are too lazy to work hard,  and choose soft, easily bending politicians such as Obama, Carter, and Hillary Clinton with the result of further decline. They see no further than their immediate dollar. They don’t care about their country or the world until it’s too late. And that’s what Alexander de Tocqueville said when he saw the American wonder of democracy.

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What we need in the West is leaders that stand for 1) a strong foreign policy that defends us from the dangerous and disabling intruders and puts us “back on the map” so that others will not be encouraged to bully us in the US or in Europe  (China, Russia, Iran, and renegades like ISIS); and that prevents criminals from crossing our borders to subvert us from within; 2) good economic stimulus: reduce encumbering regulations, lower and streamline taxes, encourage energy production and efficiency, increase local manufacturing and small enterprise. That will automatically increase employment and more tax dollars for the Government; 3) living within our means and taking down the national debt. You have heard all this before: it is straight from economics 101 and has been done successfully before (e.g. Reagan, Thatcher) but why do liberals/socialists, whose economies have always failed, refuse to listen? Because big government and enslaving the workforce keeps them in power. They want your money and live well on it themselves.

If that is what the voters want: we will go as Alexander de Tocqueville predicted about our democracy: down the drain.  Bye-bye USA or Europe (that has gone quite far down already) as we knew it. Thanks to Obama and Obama voters, Hollande voters, and their likes.

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexandre de Tocqueville







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