The Criminal Self-in-the-Foot Shooters

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Kathyn from Mars


In spite of inordinate spatial static, due to North Korean and Chinese Cyberspace warring, Omaha TV was able to line up with Mars City TV, and Mother Earth’s Weekly Squirms is on air.

Kathryn: Dear viewers, given the overwhelming reactions on this week’s events on Planet Earth, we have an extended panel today for our discussions. Foremost, it seems America is under heavy attack from its own citizens. World-wide many commentators are joining the fray. Let me start with Mars. Can you see and hear us right?

Mars Man: We can see everything thanks to your infallible Transport Authority Exray see-through machine we have installed at our Mars Orbit.

Kathryn: Great, but please don’t leak copies on the Internet. What are your views on the already infamous CIA report released by the Democratic party?

Mars Man: America seems in a free fall. What’s happening to what they once called the greatest country on Planet Earth? In 2001, everyone was up in arms about the heinous attack on the Trade Center Towers; close to 3000 people lost their lives in the most cruel circumstances and the economy was blown apart for years. Leaders said we will get them alive or death. Everyone agreed on the CIA to do its heroic work. Only because they checked into that Feinstein senator’s computer when she was apparently preparing false information, and revengeful because they lost the mid-term elections so badly, was this one-sided report released. Shooting yourself in the foot at the cost of national security is a criminal act on Mars.

Kathryn: There is a growing backlash here on the report and the ominous timing of its publication, notably at the same time that the congressional hearing with that professor Gruber about his involvement in Obamacare was scheduled. Just trying to remove it from the evening news. Is this opinion shared on Mars?

Shamus Econometricus: Fully. The Democrat President did not do anything to stop its publication and showed again his prevalence for stating endlessly that it was all Bush’s fault. At the same time he blew a huge hole in his country’s credibility. Even on Mars we are losing it. As Mars Man said, under the  Mars Constitution, this is a criminal act and we would put that type of politicians in permanent solitary confinement in our jail on the Moon, with only broccoli and raw carrots as daily sustenance, and left overs from the International Space Station.

Huda Seksibombah: I wish that that lady Feinstein had worn some more appropriate  clothes than that grandma outfit for the occasion of her incomprehensible speech. Funeral attire would definitely have been more becoming.

Kathryn: I’d think so too. I see Elmer is back on the Mars TV panel. How  are you? What do you think of all this?

Elmer: America was the last standing tree on Mother Earth. All others have lost their leaves or are growing old and tired and losing limbs, and those religious fanatics from the Middle Ages keep cutting them down. My professor in economics said, invite a group of sheep to mow your lawn and before you know it, it’s a desert what’s left. American liberals are the same. They seem to think they don’t deserve American good life and are out to destroy it so they become like the desert to get a level playing field. As we can see from Mars, the Nevada desert has steadily grown and is already occupying a good deal of Southern California. The President and his party are guilty of climate change.

Kathryn: That sounds clear enough, but what does that to the report? Bob Demmofool, I’m sure you have an opinion?

Bob: Through all the years we have known that the CIA was a subversive agency. The “Ugly American” was born in that joint. The report only confirms what we already knew.

Kathryn: But don’t you feel happy that they caught Osama, and that the other terrorists are behind bars?

Bob: They could’ve found them with electronics, or send a drone in to finish them off.

Fred Miserable: What electronics? How would you find them, with your I-phone? Democrat liberals are also complaining about NASA’s phone-tapping. What do you guys really want? Friendship with your enemy and drinking sweet tea? Isn’t that what cowards do because they are afraid to fight for their existence?

Bob: America is supposed to be a good country, an exceptional country, and we are not supposed to respond with evil but with the dove of peace. Your senator McCain said the same thing and he’s from the Old Hanoi Hotel in Vietnam where he suffered from the cruelty that we’re not supposed to commit. Feinstein was right to bring that into the open.

Charles Hammerschmidt: This Administration pretends that America is NOT exceptional, so how do you want it to be exceptional by bowing to its enemies? Isn’t that the pinnacle of hypocrisy? It’s the same thing as with that CIA Report, criminal self-in-the-foot shooters.

Mars Man: Here on Mars we don’t like traitors, even if they think they are doing good. Your liberals are misguided, to use an euphemism. The enemies of Europe and America don’t know what a dove of peace looks like. They laugh at you. Before you know it, you’ll wear a scarf around your head and bow five times to Mecca in one day, and have to do hard labor on a date farm.

Bob: But I could finally have more than one wife!

Paul Turnmeon: That’s where I see a possible Democrat and Republican compromise!

Kathryn: Don’t hold your breath. You’d have additional mothers-in-law, too. Could we get back to the other subject of today, that is the colossal arrogance of that professor Gruber on Obamacare? The American electorate is stupid, so just pretend you are doing it right while you are doing it wrong, in the name of non-transparency of the all-time transparent Administration. That was the apparent mantra. Any views on this?

Bob: If I may, Kathryn, it’s incorrect to interpret this as the policy behind Obamacare. The professor was only blabbing his mouth but nobody in the Democratic Party or the White House paid any attention to this, as Madame Pelosi and the President confirmed.

Fred: Come on Bob, use your senses. You really believe these people? We have to vote for it so that we know what’s in it? 2,700 pages of gobbledygook? Who can read that, let alone understand it? You can keep your doctor, your plan, and pay two thousand five hundred dollars less premium, and none of that proved true? What Gruber said is that they shouldn’t be transparent because if they were that bill would never pass. The stupid voter wouldn’t understand they were being had. Why do you guys think you lost the elections?

Bob: 47 million uninsured people will have access to health insurance. Beat that!

Charles: You must have lost your wisdom tooth, Bob. So far they haven’t insured even 7 million people what the President said they had achieved, and that figure was bloated when they had to admit that it included 400,000 dental plans. And no good analyst has ever been able to figure how they arrived at 47 million uninsured. That was based on soap bubbles, too. This Administration was built on lies from the election campaign on, and it has never stopped lying.  And then they claim that the President was misinformed. That Gruber professor visited the White House more than twenty times and met with the President in the same room. Maybe he wasn’t listening like he said he did when he sat in the amen corner praying with Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

Paul Turnmeon: And if you say anything about that you’re a racist!

Kathryn: As our viewers on Mars may notice, there isn’t much that we can agree on in America.

Shamus: But your Supreme Court said the law was constitutional. Why can’t Americans just leave it alone?

Huda: Telling nuns that they must pay for contraceptives cannot be constitutional, not even on Mars. Especially as nuns don’t do it.

Elmer: As I see it, that Justice Roberts was right in calling it a tax, but I heard that professor Gruber didn’t want to call it a tax because then it wouldn’t pass. He called it a penalty. So, if that Justice Roberts knew it was a scheme, why did he call it constitutional? Lying in America cannot be constitutional, can it?

Fred: Right on, Elmer, if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a duck.

Mars Man: Maybe you should give Obamacare a different name? Wackocare might do?

Kathryn: We’ll submit that to the White House. All right, dear viewers, I don’t think we got anywhere, and we will surely come back to these issues in our next sessions. Have a good one!















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