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Dear Guests:

The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund ( is in continuous need of money to fund its efforts to save malnourished and orphaned children. I wrote the short story “Audrey” with the purpose of raising some money for the Fund to show my gratefulness of having met her in my personal family life.  So I am sending a kind reminder.

Recently, I stumbled on a small picture of Audrey in the house of a Dutch friend in Nice who had kept it for me during the years.  She had also met Audrey in her youth in Amsterdam, when, in 1947, Audrey had moved there with her mother, Aunt Ella as I called her, from Arnhem.  A sister of Audrey’s mother, whose name was Geraldine, used to help my friend’s father, whose wife had died, to take care of her disabled little sister. Ella took Audrey to that house from time to time.

The picture below got cracked during the years. It was first restored by Kendal Brenneman from Lancaster USA <>, a kind friend of the Audrey Fan club, and further refined through my daughter’s office (trial/ It was taken by a Dutch photographer in Arnhem, in 1946, probably at the Arnhem Conservatory where Audrey took dancing lessons when she was 16.

Audrey dancign Arnhem-2


Audrey Hepburn 16 yrs old 2


The back of the photograph shows the genuine identity of the photograph. The handwriting on the back is that of an Aunt of mine who had received the photograph from Audrey’s mother to keep it for me.  The photograph seems rare as I have not seen it anywhere in the many Audrey photo books published.


young audrey

Audrey, 13 years old

In an earlier blog, I showed a family picture (above) when Audrey was 13, the age I met her during World War II.  You can see the similarity between the two foregoing pictures, but also her gradual blossoming into a beautiful woman.

The cover of the Audrey story I wrote shows one of the first photographs when she started modeling in London in the early fifties. It is also a rare picture as I have not seen it anywhere else either. She must have been about 21 at that time and you can clearly see how she had grown into the beauty that made her famous.

Audrey Hepburn 5


I  am sending these photographs around again to entice you to purchase the Audrey short story published on ( for a mere $0.99 or thereabout, depending on where you are (net proceeds will go straight to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund), or go directly to and make your contribution there. Through recent connections with the Audrey fan club I was surprised to see how many people are still Audrey fans. She did indeed leave a fabulous legacy that few stars can emulate. I just hope it will continue to shine on the needy children through the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund. Give it your best!

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this photo. It it extremely rare. I think it’s so wonderful that you’re looking to aid the Audrey Hepburn Children’s fund, as they do indeed do so many amazing things. I will admit, I am green with envy that you knew Audrey, but I can’t wait to purchase your book to read into the story further.

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      Thanks very much for your comment. I knew Audrey when we were children and was so happy to meet her again when I was grown up: two so very different worlds. In the short story “Audrey” these two different worlds meet again as if nothing had changed. Hope you enjoy it. – John

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