Easter Hymn



Because readers asked.

Happy Easter – John

A last meal and blessing hand

Bring us peace in holy land

Make your neighbor a best friend

Hate has no place in holy land

 Easter Blooms 1

My heart will fold as red as blood

Forgive I will my tears will flood

You were created to be good

An undivided brotherhood

 Easter Blooms 006

Lavender blue will spread in spring

It’s peace of mind that it will bring

Don’t make hate your tool of life

End your endless words of strife


Shout that peace is good for all

Not just you in clustered walls

Tear them down your flags of hate

They are NOT an act of faith

 Easter Blooms 008

Shaking hands across the line

Sharing meals of bread and wine

Showing trust in someone’s heart

Making one a world apart

[And keep that dagger just in case

The other earthling shows bad grace ]


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  1. 1
    Mariska Venus

    Nothing wrong with what you said, John, that’s what the world needs, a puff of white smoke, was it Chief Whip, John?

    But if you want to know how a Negro feels, you suck and hold it down. Imagine being in a glass box, and everytime you move towards something, your head gets bumped. It’s like being on train, John, and everybody is moving away because your whole body is covered with scabs and you’re in terrible pain, and they are scared to get your disease.

    • 2

      Dear Mariska, wherever you are. I have been going to Africa for years and even lived there. I have been in America for years. I have loved African women. I have never loved African-American women. Why? Sheer fear. They have been rooted out from their origins. Their family culture is so enormously different from mine. For many reasons, don’t take me wrong. Your body is not covered with scabs. I am not scared to get your disease, whatever that is. My wife is from Guyana, from East-Indian descent, but mixed in America with the black community. Two worlds apart, but one world in common: family, friendship and love. I hope you can keep a positive view. I try, and it has worked so far. All my best, John

  2. 3
    Mariska Venus

    I.m proud to tell you that today I layd a son of pure Chocolat.
    His name is Henkie
    We both wish his father a good journey to hell.

  3. 4
    Dan Dwyer

    Thoughts we can all live by all the time, not just at Easter. Holidays or holy days, whichever you prefer to call days like Christmas and Easter, are at least meant to remind us how we should live each day and not just one or two days out of the year. Continued good luck on your “Some Women I have Known” series.

  4. 5
    Easter Bunny

    She is shaving her legs for me in the tub and several small cuts are brightly bleeding.
    She says: want to use my water?

    Happy easter yourself

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