ENCHANTÉ – Nice: Another Black Friday in France

Everybody on the Beach - Weekend Promenade des Anglais 2

July 14, Bastille Day, is like Independence Day in the US. Nice is my third city in Europe, after Amsterdam and Paris, although many times I consider it my first because of its splendid surroundings inhabited by the more friendly southern French and its lovely climate. Now, my friends there are mourning after a cruel terrorist act. How many times have I strolled along the Promenade des Anglais, so named after British engineers who built it in the nineteenth century out of gratitude for the many Brits who came to escape their dreary cold and drizzling winters? 

Promenade des Anglais 3 Gravel beach in Nice

How many more such terrorist attacks have to happen before Europe and the US take decisive action to eradicate radical Islam? Islam itself will not do it. It is intrinsically weak, full of fear of reprisals at home, and philosophically and religiously strongly divided. How long did it take for Europe to defy Hitler? Only after he invaded Poland when he had already overrun Austria and Czechoslovakia. It took two years, and a number of its ships torpedoed by Nazi submarines, and Pearl Harbour, that made America finally join the war in Europe.

How long will it take before our current leaders take decisive action? More talk, speeches and nothing doing? Erasing François Hollande’s mentioning of radical Islam in the White House?

Beginning of the Promenade des Anglais Nice An emtpy beach in Nice on a weekday

How many more innocent people leading a quiet and pleasant life and enjoying the fruits of Europe’s prosperity will have to be torn to pieces by the cruel medieval outcry of Allahu Akbar? How long will it take our current leaders to agree that the root of the cancer must be exterminated with a full-blown counter-attack where it really hurts?  Why not now? A battle here and there in Iraq will not solve the problem. The cancer has already spread dangerously inside Europe and the US. Containment has only made it worse.

Nice will hurt for a long time. Its promenade is a joyful walk now draped in blood, black and tears. It will not be the same anymore. Until the evildoers are silenced for good. And that requires the guts that so far has been totally lacking in the US and Europe.

Let’s vote people to power that will act. I trust France will lead but it cannot do so alone.

Vive la France! Vive Nice!

Old City 6 Church of Jesus-a

Inside the Church of Jesus-a





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    jelle vd wal

    On Russia Today just now I heard the one and only sensible comment, from someone of the University of San Francisco. ‘Before the attack on Irak, Bush was angry with France because France was against the attack, not on grounds of international law, but because the attack would lead to terrorism in France. Now, after some 85 casulties in Nice, caused by someone of Tunesian origin, Holland announces that Franse will intensify the bombing. The only solution, of course, is to stop bombing on Islamic soil, en better treatment of the minorities in France’.

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      In hindsight, France was right on Iraq, but it has allowed many people of Islamic origin into its country. The sorry fact is that some have not assimilated and therefore remained outside of France’s society. Assimilation is difficult in any society, and the French society is quite particular. Some Islamic immigrants may have been rightfully dissappointed in their new homeland. Outside radical Islamic groups are using that dissappointment to recruit Islamic fighters and turn locals into terrorists for their cause. It is clear that the origin of the poissonous hatred coming from outside through socia media must stop, and that means elimination of the source. Islamic immigrants must learn to live in a society that is different from where they came, but imminently better then their origins, in particular for women. Local administrations must see to it that assimilation is facilitated, but that does not mean allowing “no-go” zones and the institution of sharia law which is diametrically opposed to Western civilization.

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