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Is it not wonderful that everyone wants the Lady and the Trump now? Six years back every one fell for the hope and change-sweet smiling unknown pied piper. An untested senator who had mostly voted not present and sat in a pew listening to–but not hearing–a race baiter. The Senator even pushed that contagious congenital (William Safire of the NY Times in 1996), compulsory lying lady aside. Whatever happened to the Obamagirls? They must have gone hiding under the table. And now, they put that woman back on the table with her fornicating hubby in the background! With 17 opposing politicians-contenders crying “us and them.”

Remember when two dogs fight over a bone, the third runs away with it?

Puppies with fresh bone in the garden

It happened before  with that insufferable parrot (pronunciation ‘Perot’) and his crayon boards. We would never have heard of Hillary or even Monica had he just stayed quiet running his business. And now they want to claim that she, still lying off the cliff,  is IT? What IQ do they rate us for? Can we endure still more lying than we had for the last six years? How stupid do they think we are?

Well, yes, to be fair, we are quite stupid. In 2012, we re-elected the current politician who should never have been re-elected. Only because the so-called smart electorate stayed home, mad that their candidate was a Mormon. And what did they get for their nonchalance? Four more years of tyranny and stalemate, stagnation and lies. Would we finally not want some good tyranny to throw all these bummers out? Get The Lady and the Trump to clean ship?

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Pundits and politicians, radio and TV commentators, whether socialists or conservatives, feed on each other. The Lady and the Trump are not in their camp. They slip through their fingers. They don’t quack, the pundits do. For pundits and politicians, getting something done is unproductive, because when it’s done you can’t quack about it anymore. And that’s the end of the TV or radio show.  They can’t make money that way. They lose their platform. Don’t you see them poor slimy squatters squirm that the Trump is only a ten billion dollar windbag and the Lady a fired CEO? They say would you please let us talk politics instead of having non-politicians taking action? Executive power, you say? Sure, but only the left is allowed to do that. If the right does it, it’s racist, extremist or right-wing conspiracy. Good! Let’s have it the other way around for a change.

3 dogs playing on the beach

Black and White always fighting. All over the world. Even dogs do it. During the last six years it has only gotten worse in the US. And what does ‘H’ stand for other than for Hyena? Do you want a howling Hyena in the White House rather than a bulldog getting things done for America and us for a change?

yawning Striped hyaena

What about us poor voters and hard workers, that is, those who still have a job? Is it not about time we get some relief from those slimy politicians, especially those who lead us to greater misery with their misguided philosophies that have been proven wrong time after time?

Beautiful cute husky puppy, isolated on white

Chihuahua puppy with native Indian necklace and lemon

 Us Poor Voters!

Well, 20 months later, us poor voters finally came out of the woodworks and SPOKE! 


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