Views from an Alien

Why does today’s United States of America worry me? As an Alien from Mars I can always fly back. But I have offspring here that like Earth, or rather, like the USA. It has been their country from birth. Proud members of a society that defied the British colonialists, assembled in the Boston Tea Party (when Boston was still “republican”), drew up the world-famous Declaration of Independence in 1776 and then established the most revered Constitution in 1789. “We the people”! Grew its economy through hard work, invention and prudent economic investment, based on faith in and respect for the Almighty. Restored peace in Europe and the Far East and beat Communism with the fall of the Wall in Berlin in 1989. Originated in 1942 the creation of the United Nations with its allies to assure worldwide political unity and peaceful settlement of conflicts, finally chartered by 50 Nations in 1958. “We the Peoples of the United nations”! Led the creation of the Bretton Woods Institutions in 1944 to strengthen fiscal security, and finance economic reconstruction and development.

Now in 2009, it looks as if the almighty USA, grown to its position by its conviction to pursue and maintain independence, fight for freedom and achieve prosperity for its constituents and those in destitute countries in the rest of the world, is abdicating all what it has been fighting for with one stroke of the pen.

Where have all the brave men and women gone? Why are people, who never fought for what these men and women earned while still benefitting from their hard-won pursuits, replacing them? Where do these woodworms come from? What’s in their minds? What do they want? Why are they destroying what was built as a nation of prudent, hardworking people believing in the American Dream into a nation of debt ridden followers forced to bow to new leaders whose only concern appears to submit them to their utopian beliefs at huge cost? Are these people not the new King’s Friends of the British eighteenth century? Is that the reason why the spontaneous Tea Party phenomenon of 1773 is rising up again in 2009? Are those who are despising today’s Tea Parties not reacting exactly the same way as the British King’s ministers and parliament in 1973, who considered them “lawless riots”? Don’t they say history repeats itself?

Yes, the mantra of the United Nations was to seek political harmony, but many of its new members that came on board after the early 50 signatories are still unwieldy nations with unstable governments, tyrannies or egocentric maniacs in power. Just look at the recent UN General Assembly. Giving the UN’s political (or rather politicized) bodies the power to rule over the USA? You want another 9/11? Go right ahead. These forces only want your destruction in favor of their despotism. Thinking otherwise is again…utopia. Believing that these other nations think the same as we do, that we should all live in peace and happiness just does not fit their mindset. The longer we have leaders who want to make us believe that, the bolder these other leaders will become in wiping you off the earth. Alas!  That’s the way it is.

Similarly, throwing your national future in the hands of those who want to destroy your freedom and pursuit of liberty and happiness, to your detriment and their glory, is a slow but surefit financial suicide. Socialism never worked in harmony. It has always led to dictatorial government because its policies, however nice they may sound in words (“equality, fraternity and liberty for all”) can only be enforced by a statist system, where few have corrupted power and the rests lives in poverty. It’s anti-economic because it refuses to accept the law of supply and demand, individual freedom to invent and produce, and the pursuit of gains for individual prosperity, which made the USA great. It has worked nowhere (Look at Russia, Cuba, some South-American countries, former Eastern-Europe, and many African countries). You say China is the exception. But China applies some free-economic principles in a statist regime and uses an artificially low exchange rate to export its goods. And the USA is selling them its debt and they buy it eagerly, and when you find out China owns your White House (its cyberspace technology stolen from the USA can already look inside), it will be too late.

Good-day, my friends. I’m not hopeful the way it looks. Better take care of your business. You bought a cat in the bag. Keep tea bagging. I’m flying off to Mars and hope to see you better off  when you come to your senses. Do it soon.

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