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Coming down from Mars where I was for a brief family stay, I saw Endeavour on my side going back to earth as well. I heard later they took pictures of me as they believed I was a UFO. Granted, I’m a rather minuscule space traveler and look rather bizarre with my wobbling antennas and wagging tail, so I can understand why innocent space travelers misunderstand what I am. But it gave me reason to think: I really am an Alien from Mars.

That’s why I upped the viewpoint of my blog another notch. As an alien I could not believe my eyes. While traveling down I noticed all over the flatland of the USA spots with fierce explosions. No, not that nuclear stuff, but town hall fireworks. In the air, I attributed this to what you tend to call outbursts of climate change, the like we take for granted on Mars but is made into a huge scam on Mother Earth. But leave that for another time. I saw it lightening everywhere from a cloudless blue sky (no ozone there).

Strolling back to my sunny hiding place (I can’t tell you where it is because one never knows with this “fishy mail”) I found that the American populace had a sudden fit of realism versus utopia that had reigned supreme during the last two years. Had they finally looked in the wordbook what that meant (“an impractical, idealistic concept for social and political reform” as adeptly summarized by your Webster’s) and had they finally concluded that they were being taken for a ride?

When I switched on the television, that impression was fully confirmed. Before I took off for Mars, your dear Lady Speaker had sent shrieking yells of Nazis and swastikas to the opposing crowds through her battered loudspeaker. But when I got back, heavens, in just a few weeks of absence, everything had gotten worse. Your dear Leader had joined her in telling the populace they were committing manufactured opposition. Did he ever follow a history course or read his Constitution twice? We on Mars know better. No wonder everybody lost their temper.

We on Mars have a holy suspicion of politicians, both would-be and incumbents. Sure, you need a government, a parliament that checks and a justice that balances. But we let them handle only star wars and the basic needs, the rest we handle ourselves. Here on earth, I get very weary of nice talking politicians that sweep you of your feet telling you they can do everything for you much better than you can do for yourselves. Remember that salesman on the village market standing high and making you buy that cooking utensil that did not work when you got home? Remember the guy next to him who had no audience because he did not speak so well, but had a utensil that did work and that you then went back to buy? And then that first salesman who tells you rudely you have no right to complain and ask for your money back?

America, you are sitting on the wrong edge of the ditch, and have a good chance of falling into it and drown. Utopia sounds good but does not work. It has been shown before so often: Marxism was utopia, Nazism was utopia, the French revolution was (how many heads rolled then!), and so on. The whole Third World is full of it. Thomas More himself, who wrote five hundred years ago the book about that lovely Island where everything works like clockwork, called it fiction. Well, that’s what it is. Thieves, murderers and politicians do still exist in the real world and you better watch out. They want your money and your power for themselves. Leave it to them to take care of you and you go broke. How come then that occasionally so many people get so entranced by how well they speak while not thinking about what they say?

You earthmen, especially young ones,  love to dream and swoon and when you find out your wallet is gone, you have no where to go but to the guy who took it. Next time (your health bill, your cap and trade bill,  2010, etc.) , think first. Better yet, think twice.  Best: Think  Alien.

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